Minecraft Unveils Trial Chambers And New Mischievous Mob


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Following Minecraft Live last month, Mojang has now shown off the new “Trial Chambers” as well as the new hostile mob known as “The Breeze”.

The Trial Chambers are a new procedurally generated structure, crafting different challenges each time you enter. Each room contains something helpful or hostile.

Trial Spawners will up the level of difficulty depending on how many players are in your party, with each chamber containing different types of mobs. If you manage to overcome these mobs, you’ll earn a special reward.

Players will also need to be on the lookout for the new mischievous mob “The Breeze”. The Breeze is “not like any mob” players have fought before. It can jump around and knock players back with powerful gusts of wind, there are also environmental effects whenever it shows up.

All of this is coming in the Minecraft Version 1.21 update, which is landing in 2024. If you really want to jump in early, you can check out a preview on Xbox, Windows and iOS devices.

What do you think of this new mob and mode? Tell us below.

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