Crash Bandicoot & Spyro Developer Toys for Bob Website Update Raises Questions


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Is Toys for Bob gearing up to announce their next new game?

Toys for Bob has updated their website from its normal look to instead showcase a primarily black screen with a single purple tiki mask in the center, and as such the internet is full of gamers trying to figure out what this cryptic update could mean. Just earlier this year Toys for Bob announced they’d be splitting from Activision. At the time, Toys for Bob noted that “while we’re in the early days of developing our next new game and a ways away from making any announcements, our team is excited to develop new stories, new characters, and new gameplay experiences,” but “a ways away” may be coming to an end if the website update means an announcement is on the horizon.

But what could the website update mean?

Toys for Bob has used a tropical aesthetic for quite some time now, and while the tiki mask logo is not completely new, the purple color scheme featured is. While the tiki mask naturally makes Crash Bandicoot fans wonder if a new game is coming, considering the tiki logo has been used previously, a more likely clue could lie in the color change itself for the mask. The purple shades in the tiki mask logo (which you can see below) match the purples of Spyro the Dragon that have been showcased over the years, so there are plenty of gamers questioning if Toys for Bob’s new project could be a new Spyro game instead.

toys for bob website update
(Photo: Toys for Bob)

Of course, it’s also entirely possible that Toys for Bob is simply updating their website as part of the separation from Activision, and that whatever they’re working on for their next new game is entirely separate from this website update. While Toys for Bob separated from Activision, the company did also note they were looking to create a new partnership with Microsoft, which could mean an announcement from Toys for Bob is only weeks away as the Xbox Games Showcase set to take place June 9th would be the natural setting to unveil their new title. If it’s not featured at the Xbox Games Showcase, Summer Games Fest is set for just days before on June 7th, so this could be a possibility as well if Toys for Bob has anything ready to share. 

Whatever it is, Toys for Bob is definitely working on something. Are you hoping for a new Crash Bandicoot, a new Spyro, or hoping to see something entirely new from Toys for Bob?

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