Let There Be Carnage Marvel Legends Carnage Movie Figure Up for Order!

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Carnage has gotten quite a bit of love across collectibles and multimedia over the last several years, but there was one important toy “hole” that still needed to be filled. While Hot Toys and SH Figuarts put their Venom 2 versions up for sale long ago, Hasbro is finally ready to follow suit: the all-huge and all-new Let There Be Carnage Marvel Legends Carnage movie figure is finally up for order!

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Let There Be Carnage Marvel Legends Carnage Movie Figure

Hasbro action figures do not follow quickly these days from the Sony Spider-Man related films, and Venom Let There Be Carnage suffered the same fate of scant domestic merchandising in its launch year as Spider-Man No Way Home before it.

But the Hasbro Marvel team knows what fans want, and they are delivering the monstrous symbiote serial killer, even if he is fashionably late, as the first-ever Marvel Legends movie Carnage figure was revealed last week and is launched for pre-orders this one.

Size Scale Comparison Marvel Legends Carnage Movie Figure with 6" Symbiote Spider-Man

Just like in the movie, this Marvel Legends Carnage figure will tower over normal sized Marvel Legends figures (and even Venom), as it stands a massive 8.5”+ tall. As he should, this Cletus Kassidy collectible looks deadly and vicious, with an all-new sculpt filled with vicious claws and tendrils.

Marvel Legends 2024 Carnage Deluxe Movie Figure

As an oversized deluxe boxed figure, Carnage is priced with an oversized price-point. Given that this is the only movie Carnage Legends figure that we’re likely to get, I don’t mind paying a few extra bucks to get one appropriately scaled with unique tooling for maximal accuracy.

Carnage Marvel Legends 2024 8" Movie Action Figure Packaged Deluxe

We don’t always get two heads these days, but we’re thankfully getting both an open-mouthed portrait with tongue and a closed-mouthed portrait with demonic teeth-filled smile. Both heads are personality rich and suitably scary. The dual head sculpts and the symbiote effects are a very appealing accessories spread, and help further make this toy feel worth its $39.99 MSRP.

Scale Photo Marvel Legends Venom Movie & Carnage Action FiguresAs this figure is extremely film-centric, I think not every comics fan will jump on this one, particularly those in love with the short, black-toothed Carnage comics design. Even so, I think this will be a quick sell-out as virtually all Venom-related Marvel Legends figures are. Spidey movie villains are big business, and Carnage is among the most popular and in-demand of them all.

The Marvel Legends Let There Be Carnage figure is now up for pre-order, and is shipping out in late summer/early fall 2024. Will this dastardly deluxe action figure be joining -your- collection, Marvel collectors? Would you like to see movie Venom reissued/updated to pair with this Venom?

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