Netflix’s Élite: 5 Couples Fans Loved (& 8 They Detested)


With Élite season 3 just airing on Netflix last Friday, many fans are still trying to get over the shock of who killed Polo? However, Polo wasn’t the only character to suffer a terrible demise. In fact, the writers managed to kill the fans’ spirit when they ended, not one, but two of their favorite ships.

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This wasn’t the only surprise the writers had up their sleeves, as they also introduced two new characters who caught the eye of Nadia, Omar, and Carla. Question is – were the new romances as popular among the fans as the old ones? Keep reading to discover the 5 couples fans loved and the 5 they detested.

Updated May 29th, 2020 by Brittany Fischer: There has been some discussion about the plan for Elite moving forward. It seems that an entirely new cast of characters will be introduced in season 4, forcing fans to say goodbye to their problematic faves. Though the central mystery was a key aspect of this show’s success, fans also loved the drama resulting from the relationships in the show. It seems fitting then that as we wait to meet our new cast of characters, we reflect on all of the relationships between the teens on the show.


13 Hated: Carla & Yeray

Although Yeray was instrumental in helping Carla break free from her family’s prison, this was a relationship the fans couldn’t get on board with. One of the main reasons is because they knew that Carla’s heart wasn’t in it in the first place as she was just doing it to placate her father.

Yeray may have had a crush on Carla but it soon became clear that their relationship was just to fit in with his aesthetic lifestyle. Instead of getting to know Carla, Yeray treated her more like an accessory – constantly showering her with gifts because he believed this would make her happy. In the end, they both ended their relationship on a high note as they realized how incompatible they were for each other.

12 Loved: Christian, Carla & Polo

Before they were embroiled in a murder investigation, fans enjoyed the relationship that developed among Christian, Carla, and Polo. Beginning in season 1, Carla and Polo started a polyamorous relationship with Christian to spice up their own romance.

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Although it was unconventional, many fans enjoyed the relationship between the three as Christian’s influence helped Carla with her confidence and helped Polo embrace his sexuality. However, their arrangement was also full of drama as Polo’s insecurities were heightened and he ended up cheating on Carla.


11 Hated: Samuel & Rebeca

No matter how much Rebeca loved Samuel, this relationship was never going to work. Especially since Samuel’s heart was still set on Carla. Making their relationship official in season 3, Rebeca and Samuel dated for a couple of months. It looked like things were getting serious for the pair, as Rebeca briefly moved in with the waiter after she became homeless.

However, this relationship was doomed for disaster when Samuel betrayed Rebeca. To bring Nano and his mother back, Samuel agreed to bug Rebeca’s home and help the police with their investigation against her mother. As soon as Rebeca uncovered his deception, she punched him and effectively ended their relationship.

10 Loved: Nano & Marina

One of the most underrated romances on the show had to be the relationship between Nano and Marina. While fans didn’t take to Marina after the teen pit the two Dominguez brothers against one another, there was no doubt that Marina and Nano loved one another.

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Beginning in season 1, Nano set out to seduce Marina to get access to her family’s wealth. However, they both ended up falling in love as Marina agreed to help Nano with his money troubles. After finding out she was pregnant, Nano and Marina were planning on starting a life together until her untimely death. Afterward, Nano continued to tell everyone about how much he loved her.


9 Hated: Malick & The Shanaa Siblings

Another developing romance the fans couldn’t stand was the romance Malick had with the two Shanaa siblings. First introduced in season 3, Malick left quite the impression on Nadia when the pair bonded over their religious beliefs. For the sake of not disappointing her family, Nadia began contemplating a future with him.

However, Nadia’s relationship with Malick came to an abrupt end when she discovered he was hooking up with her brother, Omar. This opened up another can of worms for Omar and Ander’s relationship, who were already struggling in the aftermath of Ander’s cancer diagnosis. Malick didn’t help matters either when he pressured Omar to leave Ander. Safe to say, Malick wasn’t going to be missed by anyone.

8 Loved: Nadia & Guzmán

Although fans have seen many romances come and go on Élite, three relationships proved to be a hit with fans. One of them was Guzmán and Nadia. Beginning in season 1, Guzmán and Nadia didn’t get off to the best of starts as Nadia found out he only associated with her to win a bet.

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Nadia soon deemed Guzmán worthy of a second chance when the socialite proved he could be a good guy. The pair soon grew closer, sharing a few stolen kisses and moments whenever they could. However, Nadia refused to commit to Guzmán as their relationship clashed with her family lifestyle. Still, season 3 provided Guznadia fans with some hope when the teens confessed their love for one another, with Nadia promising to come back for Guzmán.


7 Hated: Lu & Valerio

Although Danna and Jorge have exceptional chemistry, the romance between Lu and Valerio was one you couldn’t get on board with. While most people enjoy a story about a forbidden romance, you have to draw a line at the completely immoral ones. Especially when everyone knows it would never work or be accepted.

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Valerio was introduced as Lu’s wild-child, older brother in season 2, who returned to Las Encinas after being kicked out of boarding school. Immediately, it was established that the siblings had more of a familial relationship when she and Valerio hooked-up a few times, with the latter claiming he was in love with her. Their incestuous romance didn’t last very long either as it was exposed to their family and friends.

6 Hated: Samuel & Marina

Samuel and Marina were one of the first couples that fans watched develop. These two began as friends, with Samuel quickly developing a romantic attraction to Marina. The innocent and inexperienced Samuel awkwardly tried to flirt with Marina, making many missteps along the way.

It was clear that Marina didn’t feel the same way about Samuel, even trying to scare him off by sharing that she had HIV. When Samuel said he didn’t care about her HIV status, Marina tried to make herself want Samuel, resulting in one of the most awkward sex scenes in the entire series. The whole time their relationship was developing, Marina was secretly pining for his brother Nano. The entire relationship between these two can be summed up in one word: cringey.


5 Loved: Ander & Omar

Another romance that easily wormed its way into the hearts of fans was Omar and Ander’s. Beginning in season 1, Ander and Omar’s relationship started when the pair were matched up on a dating app. The couple decided to date in secret after the grocer revealed he had yet to come out to his family.

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Season 2 started tense for them as Ander was getting tired of keeping their relationship quiet. However, they soon reconciled when Omar decided to take a leap of faith, choosing to prioritize his happiness over his family’s wishes. Although they went through a rocky patch in season 3 due to Ander’s illness, the couple came out stronger when Omar chose him over New York.

4 Hated: Polo & Cayetana

Out of all the relationships on the show, the one couple who didn’t work at all was Polo and Cayetana. Starting in season 2, Las Encinas’ very own Bonnie and Clyde got together soon after Cayetana saved Polo’s life. After hanging out on several occasions, Polo and Cayetana grew closer when they uncovered each other’s criminal past.

Instead of being repulsed by Polo’s actions, Cayetana helped cover his crime by hiding the trophy in her room. As Polo made his imminent return to Las Encinas, Cayetana did all she could to ensure that her boyfriend wouldn’t be able to leave her behind. In the end, Polo decided to end their relationship after he accused her of only being interested in his social connections.


3 Hated: Cayetana & Valerio

Cayetana and Valerio didn’t share the screen for long. Though the two were flirtatious upon their first meeting, Valerio was too busy chasing his sister while Cayetana was chasing Polo. Valerio originally became involved with Cayetana while she was with Polo, joining their relationship as an equal third partner.

But it was clear that Cayetana had stronger feelings for Valerio. She even admitted that Valerio had saved their relationship and that it wouldn’t have worked without him. After Polo dumped them both, Valerio and Cayetana continued to date. Still, something never felt genuine about this relationship. And Cayetana’s character was so hated by fans that seeing her with the fan-favorite Valerio was jolting.

2 Loved: Samuel & Carla

Samuel and Carla’s relationship may have been a surprise but it was one the fans welcomed with open arms. Beginning as a game in season 2, Samuel and Carla broke their own rules when they fell in love along the way. However, their romance took a sour turn when Samuel broke her trust and almost ruined her family’s reputation.

Even though they weren’t in the best place, Samuel decided he wanted to salvage their relationship. Yet, Carla refused to throw caution to the wind when her father began to threaten Samu’s life. Sadly, after several episodes watching them exchange longing glances, Carla and Samuel decided to let each other go to work on themselves. Who knows, maybe they’ll get it right if Carla decides to come home…


1 Hated: Guzmán & Lu

When Lu and Guzmán were first introduced, they seemed perfect for each other. They were a couple that fans loved to hate, brought together by their toxicity and ignorance. But as the series progressed, these characters became more developed and nuanced. It became clear that these two characters couldn’t be more wrong for each other.

While Lu always tried to remain supportive and loyal, she often projected her own desires onto Guzmán, giving him what she thought he needed rather than what he wanted. And despite all Lu did for Guzmán, he treated her terribly. He lied to her, cheated on her, and put her through a lot of crap. Despite his treatment of her, Lu went back to Guzmán several times. It was disheartening to watch the usually forceful Lu allow herself to be so dismissed by a boy who did not deserve her. Fans were happy when this relationship finally ended for good.

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