Xbox Game Pass is getting more expensive, as are day-one games for subscribers

Xbox Game Pass is getting more expensive, as are day-one games for subscribers


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Xbox Game Pass is getting a price hick across all tiers and platforms, and day-one AAA releases are also getting more expensive. In addition, Xbox Game Pass will be temporarily unavailable on console soon, returning later in September with the new Xbox Game Pass “Standard”. Pre-existing subscribers will not be affected.

Here are all the major changes. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is getting its price raised to $19.99 / £14/99 a month (previously $16.99 / £12.99), and PC Game Pass is getting its price hiked up to $11.99 / £9.99 a month (previously $9.99 / £7.99). The annual subscription for Xbox Game Pass core is also being increased, rising up to $74.99 / £55.99.

As for this new tier of Game Pass coming to consoles in September, it’ll cost $14.99. However, perhaps more importantly, it will not be recieving day-one game releases as part of the sub. It will include Xbox Live Gold – which provides access to online services – but not Xbox Cloud Gaming. If you’re on console and still want those day-one releases, you’ll have to upgrade up to the Game Pass ultimate tier.

What’s also interesting is that PC Game Pass will retain its access to day-one releases, despite its new price being $8 less than the new Xbox Game Pass Ultimate price. The reason being remains uncertain, but one massive factor might be competition on that platform! PC has Steam, a monster of a service that the vast majority of players are happy to stick with. As such, keeping the day-one release perk at a lower price may be an attempt to keep Microsoft sweet in the eyes of this often illusive consumer base.

This news comes suddenly, in the wake of Microsoft’s huge aquisiiton of Activision Blizzard, shortly followed by the shuttering of various studios including Tango Game Works.

Will these price increases affect you? How are you going to react – by paying more or bowing out? Let us know below!

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