Red Sonja – Volume 07 Issue 11

Red Sonja – Volume 07 Issue 11


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Red Sonja – Volume 07 Issue 11

My Rating

Rating: 2 out of 5.

“His Master’s Voice – Part 11”

Red Sonja has tracked down the dark-eyed god who escaped from his otherworldly prison. Now the she-devil with a sword must convince the trickster to close the gates to his realm, and send back all the dead warriors used in Kulan Gath’s army. Time is running out for Sonja as an epic battle between three armies is about to begin.

Will the city-state of Emberfall survive against two opposing forces led by the god Ymir and Erlik? Can a group of trolls led by a 12-year-old girl help sway the tide of battle? Did Red Sonja’s sister Grace return as a valkyrie? Collect the series to find out!

Reviewer Notes

It’s sad to say, but I’ve lost all interest in this title. I understand we are supposed to be reading an epic story arc that leads to some world-changing event, but with Torunn Grønbekk failing to identify people and places consistently throughout the series, it’s difficult to find a connection to the overall plot. It really has become random sword fighting in front of generic fantasy backgrounds.

What are the names of the dark-haired woman and little girl leading the trolls in this issue? I believe they called the girl “sister of Grace”, but not 100% certain. Is the girl a sister of Red Sonja as well, or is she called “sister” since she was at the nunnery in Emberfall? Was the nunnery even in Emberfall? See what I mean. With so many characters and locations, the reader needs a reference point.

I’m giving this issue two out of five stars. Dynamite needs to step up and provide a road map of sorts to help readers navigate their way through this mess. I’m surprised Red Sonja knows where she’s at this point in time.



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