The Second Unofficial Zelda Cookbook Has Already Smashed Its Kickstarter Goal

The Second Unofficial Zelda Cookbook Has Already Smashed Its Kickstarter Goal


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You’ve probably cooked all sorts of delights (and not-so-tasty dishes) in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, and if you’re interested in applying these skills to the real world, then this new “unofficial” cookbook based on The Legend of Zelda series might be for you.

This is the ‘2nd Unofficial Legend Of Zelda Cookbook‘ by Aimee Wood, which is described as an “expansion pack sequel with 90+ unofficial new recipes”. It’s a 200+ page expansion, with more than nine new chapters and there’ll even be collector’s editions.

The Kickstarter has already knocked the $4,000 USD goal out of the park. It actually hit this goal in just 15 minutes, and four days later has now surpassed $70,000 USD. The standard edition of the book is estimated to be delivered to backers in May 2025. As for recipes – Zelda fans can look forward to all sorts of tasty selections covering items like cheese, pizza, baked goods, and even cheesecakes!

“This expansion pack now has over 100 new recipes, and will have a special shiny collector’s edition due to the kickstarter’s success! Explore a whole new culinary adventure inspired by Zelda games over the last five years– Cheesemaking! Pizzas! Dark Clumps! Alongside all new Hyrulian themed elixirs, skewers, desserts, soups, and more! It’s still dangerous to cook alone… take this too?”

Zelda Cookbook
Image: Aimee Wood

Back in 2019, we covered the first unofficial Zelda cookbook on Kickstarter, which also smashed its initial goal. Would you be interested in the second volume? Let us know in the comments.

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