Marvel Legends: Odin! Man-Thing! Movie Venom! SDCC 2024 Death’s Head!

Marvel Legends: Odin! Man-Thing! Movie Venom! SDCC 2024 Death’s Head!

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Catching up and summarizing some odds and ends today, in the form of a handful of Hasbro Marvel Legends one-off releases. Hasbro is definitely looking to please new collectors and those who missed out on popular releases, as we are getting updates to two previous Build-A-Figures: Marvel Legends Man-Thing and a deluxe Odin figure are now available individually! Meanwhile, a retooled Song movie Venom is making a comeback at Target, and the long-requested Death’s Head appears as a SDCC 2024 exclusive!

Marvel Legends Man-Thing Packaged Werewolf by Night

There’s been a clear decrease in the number of full waves of 6” Marvel Legends this year; but luckily we’ve still got plenty of good stuff coming our way in the form of multi-packs, exclusives and deluxe solo releases. And in fact, four of the most recent reveals that slipped without me discussing them fit into the latter two categories.

First up, we have a slight update to the 2017 Man-Thing Build-A-Figure from the Marvel Knights series. As a legendary titular character in the Marvel Comics universe and perhaps the most famous Marvel monster of all-time from its horror wing, I think it’s well past time Man-Thing got another straight-up release to store shelves (the Toybiz version was available well over a decade and a half ago).

2024 Marvel Legends Man-Thing Figure and Accessories

With some changes to the leg mold and some paint tweaks, this 2024 Man-Thing Legends figure will come in Marvel Studios Werewolf By Night logo-adorned packaging. Man-Thing is sort of a niche fan-favorite, but he’s one of my favorites, so I give a big thumbs up to an easy and accessible release for him.

Marvel Legends Odin Deluxe Figure Packaged

Also making a comeback, after previously being a 2014-2015 Build-A-Figure, is Thor’s proud papa himself, Odin. The old Allfather Odin BAF release was an awkward one, as that figure was designed to serve dual roles as either King Thor or Odin. It was a decent figure for its era, but the time for a unique figure all of Orin’s own had come. Thankfully, this new deluxe Marvel Legends Odin figure is a vastly different toy from the Allfather BAF, with more bulk, better proportions for the character and an overall stronger representation to what’s in the comic books.

Odin Marvel Legends 2024 Hasbro Deluxe Action Figure and Accessories

On the downside, Odin is carrying a hefty $59.99 MSRP. I think the action figure itself looks really great (even if his head appears unavoidably a bit undersized with helmet off), but 60 bucks is a high hurdle for what many fans may consider a secondary character. I love the ravens and helmets and weapons, but I think Hasbro might have been better served including a few less extras and charging a few less dollars.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Venom vs Carnage Movie Figures

Some collectors have said they were abstaining from the sick new movie Carnage Legends figure due to missing the movie Venom figure from the Venompool series a few years ago, but Hasbro has a treat for them: the Sony Venom Legends figure is now also making a return this year.

Marvel Legends Venom Target Exclusive Movie Figure

Upgraded as a Target Exclusive going up for sale on July 5th on Target’s website, movie Venom has improved tendrils that look absolutely killer. I suspect fans will want to jump on this PO as soon as it opens 7/5, as I foresee this easily being wiped out in online pre-orders within a few hours on day one (and if I’m wrong, feel free to call me out in this article’s comments afterward).

Marvel Legends Death's Head SDCC Exclusive Figure Packaged

Finally, we have a wholly unexpected character that I imagine no one guessed without inside knowledge would be coming our way this year: the SDCC 2024 Exclusive Marvel Legends Death’s Head figure! While Death’s Head II appeared years ago in the GOTG Mantis series, this is the first time ever the original iteration is getting a 6” action figure.

2024 SDCC Exclusive Death's Head Marvel Legends Action Figure

Simon Furman was my childhood favorite comic book writer for his 80s Transformers run, so I am beyond hyped to see the robotic bounty Hunter that debuted in Transformers UK is getting a major release for diehard fans. With packaging made to homage the famous 90s Death’s Head Marvel trading card, this is one of the most fun and appropriate comic convention limited releases in memory. Love this!


The Marvel Legends Man-Thing and Odin figures are now up for order, with Venom launching on Target’s website July 5th and Death’s Head available at San Diego Comic Con 2024 and on Hasbro Pulse after the event. Are you committed to snapping up any of these upcoming solo releases, Marvel collectors?

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