Werewolf By Night – Volume 01 Issue 08

Werewolf By Night – Volume 01 Issue 08


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My Rating

Rating: 3 out of 5.

“The Lurker Behind The Door!”

Out of the frying pan and into the fire! Can Jack Russell survive a third night of the change without being assaulted by supernatural forces? Not if the Warlock named Amos Treach has anything to say about it. Figuratively, that is.  

Now free from Swami Rihvia and his carnival of freaks, the starving werewolf escapes into the nearby hills as Lissa Russell and writer Buck Cowan search through the burnt remains of a midway. Jack’s sister debates if her brother made it to safety. Did he return home to their estranged father?

The answer Phillip Russell gave Lt. Hackett when the man arrived at the family’s Westwood estate was a definite “no”. Why was a police detective at the Russell home in the first place? A cold chill ran down Phillip’s back when Lt. Hackett spoke the answer. Werewolves!

Reviewer Notes

Mike Ploog and Gerry Conway are MIA, but the replacements are coming. In this issue, Werner Roth takes command of the pencils and delivers us some awesome battle scenes. It’s werewolf vs demon in issue eight of Werewolf By Night! Let the spirit of the wolf reign supreme.

I find this era of Marvel the most interesting, as their horror writers seem to be testing out new ideas but are still stuck in the Hammer Films rut.

“Krogg talk like Hulk. Krogg talk like stereotypical 1950’s movie monster! Will demon talk intelligent in 1970’s?” I love this stuff, but I got to go with three out of five stars here. This was just a filler story in my opinion. It’s time to roll out the A-List stars for Jack to boost his street cred.



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