Brandy Still Doesn’t Know What ‘The Front Room’ is In New Trailer

Brandy Still Doesn’t Know What ‘The Front Room’ is In New Trailer


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It may seem like we haven’t had another Jeepers Creepers movie in a while because the last one was just so awful. While that might be reason enough to kill the series, the real cause is litigation. 

The YouTube channel Critical Overlord seems to have made it his mission to follow the developments of the future of the franchise including the status of Jeepers Creepers 5

Some of you may not know that the studio behind Jeepers Creepers: Reborn (the third sequel), Infinity Films, is currently in court defending itself against accusations of breach of contract. 

Myriad Pictures who produced the sequel and its follow up contend the execs behind Reborn bypassed them when it came to distributing rights which they are supposed to have legally. Instead, the defendant is accused of using Screen Media. The court case has been ongoing since 2022. Another hearing was held this month, and there are more to follow.

Here is the initial accusation via Critical Overlord’s Tweet:

“This case involves the alleged breach of a right of first negotiation and last refusal for worldwide distribution rights to subsequent productions of the horror movie franchise, Jeepers Creepers. Cross-Defendant Myriad Pictures, Inc. (“Cross-Defendant”‘ or “Plaintiff”) alleges in the Complaint having a contractual right of first negotiation and last refusal for worldwide distribution rights to subsequent productions. Cross-Defendant further alleges that defendants produced and filmed Jeepers Creepers IV without Cross-Defendant’s knowledge or involvement, even though Cross Defendant had been working with defendants to develop the sequels throughout 2018 and 2019. Once the film was shot, defendants purported to extend to Cross-Defendant a right of “last negotiation” which was illusory because defendants had already granted distribution rights to Cross-Defendant’s competitor Screen Media.”

But that’s not all. In court documents, the defendants are allegedly still working on Jeepers Creepers 5 without Myriad again, which adds a new layer of conflict to the dispute.

It’s Critical Overlord’s opinion that the people behind Part 5 are going to make the movie one way or the other, they are just waiting for the case to be over. 

He looked up the background of the dispute and read it to his viewers: “Plaintiff also alleges the defendants are currently…producing a fifth installment of the film franchise without their knowledge of involvement.” Myriad Pictures contend they have “first negotiation, last refusal” to any project involving Jeepers Creepers.

Beyond the wheels of justice, one might wonder why anyone would want to add to a franchise that died with Reborn. The answer might be simple; horror movies are cheap to make and yield a high return even if they are bad. Additionally, the Creeper is an iconic character, and given the right script and cast the franchise could rebound with something special rather than a low-grade cash grab.

However, there is a pall over the brand already since the original’s creator/director Victor Salva was sentenced to three years in prison in 1988 for sexual misconduct involving a minor. That discovery does not sit well with fans of the franchise even though today, Salva’s only attachment is as the creator of the characters.

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