This X-Rated Taco Bell Christmas Party Will Not Soon be Forgotten

This X-Rated Taco Bell Christmas Party Will Not Soon be Forgotten


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This X-Rated Taco Bell Christmas Party Will Not Soon be Forgotten

Alana Bechiom has filed suit against her former employer, Taco Bell, following claims of a carnal display at a company Christmas party and reports of subsequent harassment.

Bechiom attended a Christmas party at the California Taco Bell location where she was employed at the time. When she arrived, the restaurant windows were covered with wrapping paper and the security cameras were obstructed.

Bechiom’s supervisor provided drinks for the crew. The civil suit, which The Guardian has reviewed, notes that some of her coworkers appeared “over-served”.

After the party was underway Bechiom stepped outside briefly. When she returned, she reportedly witnessed one of her coworkers “having sex with his wife in front of everyone at the party”. In the suit, Bechiom also alleges she witnessed the coworker’s spouse kissing two women, one of whom was Bechiom’s manager.

Bechiom says she was “shocked, disgusted and outraged” by the unseemly display. She quickly left the restaurant but returned to retrieve the guacamole spread she brought to the potluck-style gathering. When Bechiom reentered the premises, she reportedly observed her manager and another participant in the group sex act vomiting. But wait, it gets even worse. One of the guests vomited in the guacamole bowl she returned to retrieve.

Bechiom eventually complained to the Taco Bell corporation and to the owner of the franchise by which she was employed. The offending parties were terminated following Bechiom’s complaints. But that wasn’t the end of the ordeal. Her suit claims friends of her former coworkers (who were still employed by the Taco Bell franchise) made threats and even vandalized her car.

The civil suit alleges the powers that be transferred Bechiom to another location owned by the same franchisee rather than terminating those responsible for the alleged acts of retaliation.

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