Marvel Legends Cable REVIEW (2024 Zabu Build-A-Figure Series)

Marvel Legends Cable REVIEW (2024 Zabu Build-A-Figure Series)

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Cable has had his fair share of Hasbro action figures, though still far less than the copious amount that Toybiz put out. Even so, it’s been over half a decade now since the last comics-based Cable Legends figure was released and demand for the popular character has grown quite high! And so, Nathan Christopher Charles Dayspring Askani’son Summers is finally returning to stores this summer as a headliner in the Marvel Legends Zabu Series. Is Hasbro’s latest Marvel Legends Cable figure their best? Here’s my review…

Marvel Legends Cable 2024 Figure Packaged MvC 2 Costume

Though Cable debuted (as Cable) in 1990, it wasn’t until I got to play as him in Marvel vs Capcom 2 ten years later that the character really, truly started to click with me.

As such, I’m a total sucker for Cable in his blue and yellow X-Men costume. In fact, I even own a 25” tall Sideshow statue of the Askani’son in a version of this costume. So when Hasbro revealed a 2024 Marvel Legends Cable in arguably his most iconic costume, purchasing him was a no-brainer for me.

Marvel Legends 2024 Cable Review Hasbro Zabu Series)

The head on this figure is great, with the facial deco evoking the grizzled veteran that Nathan is and the eye energy effect looking spot-on. The deeply frowning expression is the ideal choice for this portrait, and this is a rare instance where I feel no need at all for a second head.

Cable Marvel Legends Hasbro Action Figure and Accessories Zabu Leg

Along with one of the Zabu Build-A-Figure tiger legs and an extra pair of hands with trigger fingers, Cable gets not one, but two guns. Both firearms have paint deco that helps them pop, and I appreciate that the guns are different. I’m also grateful for the deco on the costume’s belt and straps.

2024 Marvel Legends Cable X-Men Figure with Pinned Arm Joints

The one major hangup I’m having trouble getting past on this 6” Cable is the bizarreness of Cable’s right arm having visible pins in it. That’s right, only one of Cable’s arms is pin-less (the metal arm). I can understand why Hasbro did it this way for budgetary reasons, but it looks asymmetrical and aesthetically awkward to do it in this manner. Thumbs down.

REVIEW Marvel Legends Cable 2024 Action Figure

Thankfully, the articulation itself is the usual level of excellence. Cable features:

—Ball-Hinge Head and Shoulders
—Double-Hinged Knees and Elbows
—Ball-Jointed Upper Torso and Hips
—Swivel Waist, Biceps, Thighs and Boots
—Hinged Feet with Ankle Rockers

Marvel Legends Cable 2024 Figure in 90s Marvel vs Capcom 2 Costume

Thanks to the streamlined look of this character design, all of the articulation has a full range of articulation. Cable’s joints also move smoothly and the construction feels strong.

Back of Marvel Legends X-Men Cable 2024 6" Figure

While I always fear figures with a ton of straps and bands on them following the failure of earlier X-Men Legends figures like the Warlock series Cyclops, the add-on pieces to Cable have been implemented perfectly. Every strap is nice and tight and fits perfectly—Hasbro has learned well from past mistakes.

Unboxing Marvel Legends Zabu Wave Cable Hasbro Toy Figure

Overall: Hasbro put me in a bit of a bind here by releasing this otherwise perfect ML Cable action figure with one awkward, mismatched visible pins arm. The costume, portrait and guns with paint deco are all excellent, but having only one arm with pins feels and looks extremely odd. This is a fun figure to pose, with the straps and gear all fitting perfectly. Marvel vs Capcom 2 players are especially going to love this release, so long as the pins in the right arm don’t irritate them. A nearly perfect effort by Hasbro.

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