GTA Online Disables Casino Heists Due to Exploit

GTA Online Disables Casino Heists Due to Exploit


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Grant Theft Auto Online disables Casino Heists on PC due to exploits.

Grand Theft Auto Online quickly became one of the most popular games on the market when it launched several years ago. Despite Grand Theft Auto 5 being more than a decade old, the online mode draws in a massive playerbase. Because of that, developer Rockstar must keep the servers performing well and free of exploits. After all, many of those players are spending a ton of money on GTA Online, so Rockstar needs to ensure their players are as protected as possible. Today, a new exploit was found by Rockstar, and the developers quickly took down affected heists until it can launch a permanent fix. 

First, it’s important to note that this exploit is currently only affecting the PC version of the game. To that end, Rockstar has shut down access to Casino Heists and restricted players from setting up the Arcade Property. Rockstar hasn’t given an official explanation of what’s happening with this new update, but rumors claim it’s another RCE exploit. Using this, modders can alter the character stats of other players. That means they can wipe your character of money, change your character’s appearance, or do any number of other malicious hacks. 

As you’d expect, Rockstar can’t keep those modes up if it leaves players at risk. Currently, Rockstar doesn’t have a timetable for when players can expect the Heists to come back, though this seems like it will require a major fix. Of course, Casino Heists are a favorite mode for many in the community, so the team will likely try to fast-track a fix if it can. Regardless, players should expect the mode to be down for a few days at the least, with a longer wait very possible. 

Fortunately, the exploit seems to be contained to the PC version of the game. That’s good news for console players or PC players who can make the jump to console. Hopefully, the exploit doesn’t spread further, but Rockstar will likely to quick to notify players if it does considering how much attention is currently on the game. 

Grand Theft Auto Online is available now on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms. Remember, Grand Theft Auto 6 is due out next year, so be sure to get in as much GTA Online as possible. We don’t know how Rockstar will bring GTA Online forward. There’s too much money on the table for it not to happen, but the developers haven’t given fans a concrete plan for the future. GTA 6 will likely get another trailer later this year, so we might learn more then. For now, we’re just waiting for Rockstar to reveal more ahead of GTA 6‘s 2025 release date.

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