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“What Is A UFO?”

Inside the front cover, Gold Key provides the readers with a one-page dossier on UFOs, UFO sightings, and the current (1968) understanding of the phenomenon. Are all flying saucers of alien origin? The writer seems to think there are some earthly based explanations for the sightings. What are your thoughts on the matter?

“The UFOs And Flying Saucers!”

Sightings. How far back in history do the stories go? Some may think this is a modern phenomenon, with the first reported sighting being reported by American businessman Kenneth Arnold in 1947. This is just not true. 

In this segment, Gold Key presents ten separate accounts spanning from ancient Egyptian times, to the Roman era, all the way to the early years of the United States. Each story is as amazing as the last. Someone, or something has been visiting our planet, and the technology is much more advanced than anything humans have developed to this day.

“The UFO Robbery”

In the year 1897, a large cigar-shaped craft hovered over the Hamilton farmstead near Le Roy, Kansas. Alexander Hamilton and his son raced out into the nearby field, only to find the alien craft in the process of abducting one of their cows. They stood and watched helplessly as the aliens used some type of rope to pull the heifer into the ship.

Alexander Hamilton reported the incident the following day at the local sheriff’s office. Was the old farm really visited by extraterrestrials? Or, was this a hoax?

“The Foo Fighters”

Over the night skies of Nazi Germany, U.S. Army pilots began encountering balls of light during their missions. These mysterious lights would follow and even interact with military aircraft for a time, then simply disappear. To this day no one can explain exactly what these men saw. This is their story.  

“The Age Of Flying Saucers”

In 1947, a businessman named Kenneth Arnold coined the most used term in ufology, “Flying saucer.” This is his account of what he saw in the sky that day. His story would kick off the age of flying saucers and create global fascination until this very day. 

“Early Types Of UFOs and Flying Saucers ”

This is another anthology list of UFO sightings from across time and the globe. There is some repeat information from the second story. How many of these have been debunked?

“The Pilot Who Chased A UFO”

Over Godman Air Force Base in Kentucky, a large, glowing metallic object was spotted. The base commander ordered an incoming squadron of P-51 Mustangs to divert and intercept the strange aircraft. This is the story of Captain Thomas Mantell Jr. and his heroic flight into UFO history.

“Incident Over Alabama”

During the year 1948, multiple encounters with green fireball-type UFOs took place over multiple states. The witnesses describe virtually the same type of craft flying over the skies and causing mayhem with air force and civilian aircraft. 

The U.S. military launches an investigation with the support of the scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratories. Things begin to heat up, as now the UFOs seem to be targeting our atomic installations. Is this an invasion from Mars? Only time will tell.

“The Lubbock Lights”

In 1951, a major series of events shook the city of Lubbock, Texas. Dozens of lights flew across the night sky in both crescent and V shaped formations. Several trained observers, and a Texas youth lucky enough to photograph the lights, reported the incident to authorities. This is the story of the Lubbock Lights.

“The Day They Buzzed Washington”

Until this point in time, America’s capital had never witnessed a blatant flyover by a potential hostile force. In 1962, U.S. Air Force fighter jets would be scrambled again and again over the next week. UFOs had just buzzed the White House.

“The Case Of The Singed Scoutmaster”

In 1952, a Florida Scoutmaster was emitted to the Palm Beach hospital with flash-burns to the upper parts of his body. He claimed that a flying saucer had burned him while he was searching for a downed airplane in the Palmettos. Was this man telling a tall tale to cover up something involving his scout troop? When local authorities investigated, the evidence showed the contrary. 

“Life On Other Worlds”

How would life forms develop in other worlds? Could their molecular building blocks evolve into silicon-based humanoids? Have any civilizations tried to contact us with radio waves from beyond the stars? These are only a few of the questions this segment addresses.

“The Operation Mainbrace Story”

During a joint NATO naval exercise, a silvery sphere became part of UFO history as it was involved in multiple encounters over the North Sea. Was an alien force testing the capabilities of Earth’s military during Operation Mainbrace? According to reports, no aircraft made on the planet could maneuver the way that thing did.

“Landing In France”

The UFO craze hit France in 1954, with a story coming out of the commune of Quarouble. A local named Marius Dewilde reported a flying saucer landing on the railroad tracks near his home. Marius was attacked while investigating the disturbance. 

“The Saucers Strike at South America”

In the same year as the France sightings, two Venezuelan truckers discovered a landed UFO in the capital city of Caracas. As the men investigated around the perimeter of the ship, two small monkey-type aliens attacked the men with superhuman strength. What would happen next the South American city?

“Incident In The Park!”

The Venezuelan flap continues over the next several years. The same “hairy dwarf-type” aliens run amuck in the towns and fields nearby. Will it ever stop?

“Panic At Levelland”

In 1957, multiple reports of fiery saucers swooping down on trucks and vehicles hit the Levelland newspapers. Several vehicles lost power, stranding drivers while the spacecraft was present. Did the local authorities have any answers? 

“Who Flies The”

How many alien species have been reported globally since the year 1958? In this story, we find out what seems to be the more exotic aliens. The Nordics finally make an appearance. 


In this article, we learn about four more oddball alien species. The Flatwoods Monster makes an appearance here. This alien has become one of the more famous creatures reported in the United States.

“The Scare At Socorro”

This is one of the more famous American UFO cases. Lonnie Zamora was a Socorro police officer who encountered an egg shaped craft with occupants. This incident produced various physical evidence, which is still available for study as of today.

“Modern Types Of UFOs And Flying Saucers ”

In this double page spread, Gold Key reveals more UFO shape and size classifications. There is overlap in coverage here, but two shapes are more unique. Cape Town, South Africa, finally gets visited!

“The Exeter Enigma!”

One night on Route 150, near Exeter, New Hampshire, a hitchhiker is stunned by events that took place over top of a farmhouse. A large, glowing flying saucer attempted to set down on the roof of the home. Later that morning, Norman Muscarello reached the local police station, and soon after, the number of eyewitnesses skyrocketed. 

Why did the United States Air Force deny the events that took place in 1957? Was this an early example of a government cover up? What happened to the people in the farmhouse?

“Mystery Over Michigan”

In 1965, over Washtenaw County, Michigan, hundreds of eyewitnesses reported seeing multiple flying saucers over towns and Hillsdale College. To calm the local populace, the federal government sent a well-known astronomer to investigate the flurry of testimony and photographs. The investigator was none other than Professor J. Allen Hynek. The world was introduced to “marsh gas” that night. Or were they?!

“Earth’s Own Flying Saucers”

Not all UFOs are of alien origin. Several Earth based governments and private corporations have attempted to build flying saucers. This double page spread shows several crafts designed by humans. Two of the vehicles have become famous among UFO enthusiasts: the U.S. Air Force’s Flying Flapjack as well as the joint U.S. and Canada flying Avro Car. None, however, have made it past the testing phase. 

“Attack At Wanaque”

Another famous UFO sighting happened over the Wanaque Reservoir, New Jersey, in 1965. Police and civilian onlookers watch as a glowing saucer begins to melt the river’s sheet ice with powerful beams of energy. What happens next? 

“The UFO Blackouts!”

Starting in 1957, similar UFO events took place over both Brazil and the United States. Flying Saucers began interacting with power lines, seemingly drawing electricity from the very wires on which they hovered. This caused severe blackouts throughout local communities. Utility workers were helpless in stopping the damage. Military forces intercepted the craft but had no chance of catching the power thieves.

“The Great Unanswered Question”

On the inside of the back cover, Gold Key leaves the reader with a closing question. “Are UFOs real?” This has been the main debate since humans began studying the phenomena. What are your thoughts?

Reviewer Notes 

One part ‘Project Blue Book Report‘, another part ‘Chariots of the Gods?‘ written by Erich von Däniken, ‘UFOs Flying Saucers’ is jam-packed with historical UFO reports, ship illustrations, and alien lifeforms. The cover is marked ‘Giant Comic’, but in reality, this book is similar in format to a modern-day graphic novel. There are no advertisements here whatsoever. Gold Key presents UFO cases straight from recorded eyewitness accounts, some more famous than others, but all beautifully illustrated in this introductory edition. 

As a UFO nut myself, I’ve been enthralled by the subject ever since my parents let me watch television shows such as ‘Ripley’s Believe it or Not‘ with Jack Palance, ‘That’s Incredible‘ with Cathy Lee Crosby, and ‘In Search Of…‘ with Leonard Nimoy. With that, I can confidently say this was an awesome resource for kids interested in flying saucers back in 1968. It’s literally an illustrated version of Project Blue Book made for preteen readers. 

I can report that well-known UFO cases, such as the Lubbock Lights and the Flatwoods Monster, reside here on these pages. A list of famous UFO ship configurations is also included, along with their Earth-based counterparts. Does the Canadian-made Avro Canada VZ-9 Avrocar ring a bell? Gold Key even includes a reference to infamous UFO researcher Professor J. Allen Hynek, who coined the term ‘Swamp Gas’. In fact, Professor Hynek was actually working as a disinformation agent for the U.S. government. Nevertheless, this is a five-star book that should be in every UFO fan’s collection. 



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