Free Comic Book Day 2024 – Archie Horror Presents – The Cursed Library Prelude


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Free Comic Book Day 2024 – Archie Horror Presents – The Cursed Library Prelude

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Rating: 3 out of 5.

“The Cursed Library: Prelude”

Madam Satan has escaped hell only to bring a little bit of it with her. Now a full-blown apocalypse has turned the sleepy town of Riverdale into a demon-filled hellscape. As this hell-plains grifter begins her quest for total domination, there is one thing she didn’t plan for – being imprisoned by the Devil’s daughter herself!

Does Jinx Holiday have the spirit to hold Madam Satan captive forever? If the Devil owns Jinx’s soul, who does her heart belong to? Who gave Jinx such wonderful toys to read? Collect the book to find out!

Reviewer Notes 

Archie Comics returns for Free Comic Book Day 2024 with another brief installment in the Madam Satan hell on earth story arc. Yes, this epic has been strung out more than a case of string cheese. We are in luck this time, as the writers actually give us new content to go along with the reprint stories. It’s not much, but Madam Satan discovers just how epic Jinx’s haunted library actually is.

The ‘Cursed Library: Prelude’ references a page or two from the following comics: Camp Pickens, Welcome to Riverdale, Jinx a Cursed Life, and Strange Science. Then we are presented with an advertisement for the Cursed Library Omnibus released later in the year. Yes, this book is nothing more than a big commercial for another product. 

Last year I gave the Haunted Library one out of five stars in that review. Since Archie Comics included some fresh new storyline this time between the reprint material, I will give the Prelude three out of five stars. My only hope is that Archie Comics finishes this story arc before I start collecting social security. Did I mention they are dragging the plot along like a sack of rocks?



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