Marvel Legends Skaar Son of Hulk Figure Exclusive Up for Order!

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Nothing makes you feel old quite the same as realizing a comic book character who’s still “brand new” in your mind is actually 17 years old now. Such is the case with the deluxe Marvel Legends Skaar figure that’s up for pre-order today, exclusively via fan channel outlets (no Target or Walmart, sorry)! Hasbro released a Skaar figure before long, long ago—is it worth upgrading the Son of Hulk on your shelf to this modern iteration?

Marvel Legends 2024 Skaar Son of Hulk Figure

Hasbro has been going hard this year with figures from the Dark Reign era of comics, bringing us the Void Build-A-Figure over the winter and the Cabal 3-pack of Iron Patriot Norman Osborn, Doom and Taskmaster last week. And today, they’re adding to the key characters from that saga once again, bringing us our first 6” scale Skaar Marvel Legends figure since the 2008 Fin Fang Foom series!

Skaar was a rare instance of a newly created comic book character getting their first Marvel Legends action figure within a year after debuting in the comics. The Son of Hulk has suffered a bit for this early adoption, not getting an official ML update in 16 years. But now Skaar’s star has risen once again, with a new figure that’s exclusive to online specialty stores and Gamestop.

Back of Marvel Legends Exclusive Skaar Deluxe Hasbro Action Figure

As a whole, I think this is an overall nice-looking figure of Hulk’s offspring. Skaar looks as savage and imposing as he should, with a height nearly as tall as this year’s fresh Hulkbuster Iron Man deluxe release. I also really dig the windswept hair, teeth-gritted alternate portrait included. The default frowning face feels a tad too tame for a brutal character like Skaar for my tastes.

Skaar Marvel Legends 2024 Hasbro Action Figure Toy Son of Hulk

That said, all is not perfect in Son of Hulk Land. Despite being a modern figure, he has visible pins on his knees and no butterfly swivels on his shoulders, meaning that as large and imposing as it is, Skaar’s new figure will still feel a bit antiquated next to other recent figures.

Hasbro Skaar Son of Hulk Deluxe Marvel Legends 2024 6" Figure

The biggest thing in this release’s favor is probably the rarity of toys of this character, along with the sheer coolness factor of a barbarian-looking Hulk figure (or “Conan Hulk”, as my wife calls him). I don’t imagine we’ll be seeing another Skaar Legends figure soon (if ever), so I think this version has a lot of collecting appeal despite my nitpicks about the articulation.

SKaar Son of Hulk Complete Collection Cover

I’m a little surprised to see this figure coming out this year at all, as Skaar has undeniably been on the backburner in the comics and out of the limelight for quite a while now. That said, the Son of Hulk’s first action figure has remained highly priced on the aftermarket for well over a decade and unquestionably was ready for an update after all these years.

Son of Hulk Skaar 9" Hasbro Marvel Legends Exclusive Toy Action Figure

The 2024 Marvel Legends Skaar figure is now up for order and expected to arrive in early fall. Will you be adding Hulk’s progeny to your collection, Marvel collectors? What other Hulk characters would you still like to see from Hasbro?

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