The Savage Sword Of Conan – Volume 01 Issue 02


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Rating: 3 out of 5.

“Conan: Leaving The Garden”

Conan lay in wait as a young boy brought him diverted rations and life sustaining water. It had been days since the wounded Cimmerian had clawed his way to the surface of an unmarked grave, only to find himself sheltered by the child in a small grove of trees and underbrush. His killers, or those who believed him dead, had massacred Conan’s entire caravan, for what purpose he did not understand.  

It was clear, however, that those disfigured men, if they were ever men to begin with, fought in a mindless wave like locusts devouring a bountiful field of wheat. They had no fear of death, even as Conan slayed them by the score; the host simply overwhelmed his blade with shear numbers. Then blackness.  

Can a young boy conditioned from birth to slay those deemed unfit by an abomination, help rehabilitate Conan before he is discovered in a weakened state? What dark ritual takes place inside the great garden of De’ahm? Do all men have free will to search for their own destiny?

“Master Of The Hunt – Part 02”

On the hunt! A savage beast stalks a small farming community inside the borders of Wales. As Solomon Kane and a local historian named Gruffudd search the western woods, they discover something much older than their Savior Christ has been involved in the slayings. Gruffudd offers up his huntsman’s horn, a relic from Gaelic times when pagan beliefs dominated their ancestors, but would ancient magic persist in the modern world of Christianity? Under the pale moon of an October sky, one of the two rescuers would never find out the answer.

Reviewer Notes 

The second issue of the Savage Sword of Conan has arrived with a solid follow-up to last month’s storylines. A single Conan adventure occupies most of this magazine, but for me, part two of  Solomon Kane’s “Master of the Hunt” is the real gem here. The old gods find their way back into 17th century Wales only to clash with a Puritan of the Christian faith. With such a vast history of religious practices, that included Celtic druidism, the introduction of both Roman and Viking deities, as well as Roman Catholic and Protestant reform, it shows just how interesting English culture was even for those living Solomon Kane’s time.

I’m giving issue two of the Savage Sword Of Conan three out of five stars. It was a good read, just not as big of a splash as the introductory issue was. I’m keeping this series on my pull list for now. Only Crom knows if this magazine sized resurgence will span the ages. Into the breach!



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