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“Slow and steady” wins the race, but I think it’s also an apt descriptor for how Hasbro has team built the Peter David 90s X-Factor team in 6” Marvel Legends form. It’s been 6 years since Marvel Legends Multiple Man kicked off this iteration of X-Factor in the Apocalypse Build-A-Figure Series, but Rahne Sinclair has at last arrived to complete the team. The just-released Marvel Legends Wolfsbane figure has just started shipping as part of the mixed characters Zabu BAF wave—should you snag this long-awaited Scottish werewolf to your collection? Here’s my review…

Wolfsbane Marvel Legends Hasbro Action Figure Packaged

I honestly, truly, genuinely never believed Hasbro was going to go all the way with the 1990s X-Factor. Marvel Legends figures lineup. But we are living in the Marvel toys golden age, and here we are. For those needing a scorecard, here’s all the figures from the roster in their proper costumes, along with the year they were produced and a link to my review of each:

2018 — Multiple Man Jamie Madrox
2019 — Havok
2019 — Polaris
2019 — Forge
2019 — Quicksilver [3-Pack with Scarlet Witch & Magneto]
2020 — Strong Guy Build-A-Figure
2023 — Random
2024 — Wolfsbane

REVIEW Marvel Legends Wolfsbane Hasbro 6" Figure

When we went two years without a new X-Factor Legends figure during the pandemic I got a wee bit anxious, but Hasbro finished strong, starting with the very unexpected Random (shown below) in last year’s exclusive X-Men Villains 5-pack.

Marvel Legends Random from X-Men Legends 60th Anniversary Box Set

You’re probably expecting me to have popped out all those earlier figures to photograph with ML Wolfsbane here as a completed lineup, and if I hadn’t gone half-blind over the course of the team being built I definitely would be. But that did happen, and I’m too lazy to fuss going through bins with hundreds of figures right now, so here’s a spliced photo from my various review photos instead:

Peter David's X-Factor Marvel Legends Figures Team Montage Photo

Eventually I’ll certainly dig out the whole set to display together, but I’m just not there right now and I didn’t want to delay a new figure review months to do so. Apologies.

Marvel Legends 2024 Zabu BAF Series 6" Action Figures

Wolfsbane is part of the 2024 Marvel Legends Zabu Build-A-Tiger set, which feels like a completely random assortment of characters (including Cable, Ka-Zar, Ikaris of the Eternals and more). It’s a fairly bizarre wave, but I don’t mind it since it gives us characters we otherwise might never get.

Marvel Legends Dani Moonstar Packaged Walgreens Exclusive

We got a Wolfsbane head with the Walgreens Dani Moonstar figure a few years back, but that’s an awkward figure with the Wolfsbane parts and not the right costume for the 90s anyway, so I’m counting this as Hasbro’s first official Wolfsbane.

90s Wolfsbane X-Factor Art with 6" Hasbro Marvel Legends Action Figure

Rahne spent almost the entirety of Peter David’s 90s run in werewolf form because of mind fuckery done to her in Genosha, so I don’t mind the lack of an non-transformed Rahne Sinclair head with this figure. The angry, almost feral (no, not X-Force’s Feral, though I’m sure we’ll be getting her soon with Wolfsbane’s new tooling) look of the head works, given the savage attitude of the character during that era. I do think Hasbro may have made her portrait a little too ugly, though.

Marvel Legends Wolfsbane 2024 Figure with Fists

The figure’s only personal accessories are a pair of swap-out closed fists, which feel super awkward for a character that I can’t recall ever seeing throw a punch ever in 4+ decades of comic books. I think some kind of slashing effect would have gone a long way to making this figure more fun, but Hasbro wasn’t getting that creative with this release.

2024 Marvel Legends Zabu Series Wolfsbane Figure and Accessories

Luckily, Wolfsbane also comes with the huge central torso piece of the Zabu Build-A-Figure, which saves her from feeling like an awful value. I appreciate when Hasbro puts the biggest BAF part with the smallest figure in a wave.

Back of Marvel Legends X-Factor Wolfsbane Figure

Marvel Legends Wolfsbane has new furry woman arms and legs, which are pin-less and look great. Unlike Feral, Wolfsbane doesn’t have a cat tail, so neither does nor should this figure.

Crouching Wolfsbane Marvel Legends Zabu Build-A-Figure Series Figure

The articulation on the figure is up to modern standards, but she doesn’t have the flexibility of a Spider-Man toy and can’t get into any extreme poses. I couldn’t really get her into a cool crouching pose either, but I’m not the best poser out there, so let me know if you achieve better.

Unboxing Marvel Legends Wolfsbane 6" Toy Hasbro Figure

Overall: Although it’s exciting that there are a lot of new parts on this figure (destined to be reused for Feral) and it’s exciting to complete Peter David’s X-Factor team from the 90s, this Wolfsbane figure itself isn’t all that exciting. There’s no inventive accessories to give her a fun factor edge, and while I dig her seamless articulation, I can’t really get her into any extremely lithe poses. The proportions are all solid, as is the paint deco consistency, but I feel like Hasbro made Rahne’s portrait a bit too ugly. I think the 6” Wolfsbane Legends figure is good overall, but falls short of feeling like anything special (beyond completing a team I never dreamed we’d have in super-articulated form). Frankly, I wouldn’t mind seeing upgrades to Havok and Polaris now to bring them up to Wolfsbane’s level.

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