Doctor Solar: Man Of The Atom – Volume 01 Issue 03


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Rating: 4 out of 5.

“The Sea – Number 07 – Islands”

In the interior front cover, readers and given another installment of “Keys Of Knowledge”. This was a way of teaching kids various science facts about the planet they live on. Islands are the topic here, with a very brief explanation of volcanic islands, reefs, and some nautical birds. Modern publishers should continue with this practice, in my opinion.

“The Hidden Hands”

A global crime wave has erupted and no one can identify the unseen force from taking what it wants. Banks, wealthy millionaires, even government installations are powerless to stop the entity as it steals the wealth of nations and their secrets. That is until the President of the United States makes a call to the secret government lab known as Atom Valley.

What has the ability to bend light and create a perfect invisibility field? Can Doctor Solar use his extraordinary powers to track down and defeat a foe he cannot see? Will Doctor Clarkson program enough data into the Atom Valley supercomputer to help solve the scientific impossibility?

“Bug Power”

This is an interesting editorial about two scientists who discovered a potential new source of energy through the use of microscopic germs. Doctors Frederic Sisler and Robert Sarbacher have proved with their experiments that certain types of microbes can power low voltage electrical systems. What has become of these men and their early 1960’s research? Open up the web browser of your choice and find out!

“Seeds Of Trouble”

What would happen if an invasive species of tree began to grow in every country around the world? What if that same species began to envelop every native tree, causing the global decimation of Earth’s forests? According to Professor Harbinger, one alien seed deposited here on our planet, from a random meteorite, could very well be possible. 

Come follow the professor as he spins another tale of scientific mystery and peer-reviewed speculation in the “Seeds Of Trouble”. Only those in the know can help identify and stop an alien invasion before it takes root. Even when that threat comes to us in small packages. 

“Solar’s Deadly Double”

An unprecedented mega storm has developed right outside Atom Valley and a rogue satellite is the cause. After a solar flare knocks out the control systems on Doctor Clarkson’s weather control experiment, all those who lay in the path of its beam are in grave danger of being killed.

Doctor Solar converts to pure energy, then projects himself into Earth’s atmosphere; his goal is to disable the damaged satellite before it creates an unstoppable menace to the world below. In a strange turn of events, a combination of flare activity and energy waves created by the experiment causes Solar to split into two entities. 

Now who will save Doctor Gail Sanders from the extreme weather conditions which engulfs her vehicle? Can Doctor Clarkson find a method to recombine Solar’s split energy dissipation? Does Atom Valley have a fully operating Cyclotron? Collect the series to find out!

“The Sea – Number 09 – Coral”

The interior back cover contains more scientific knowledge about various coral formations. If you’re a sea life buff, this story is for you. Kids actual learned by reading Doctor Solar books. 

Reviewer Notes 

Doctor Solar continues to develop his powers as the main villain, Nuro, expands his tentacles of influence through mind control drugs and personal threats. The doctor is a really interesting character as the writers continue to use real science to teach readers about the world around them. I think modern publishers should include educational bits such as what was offered here with the “Keys Of Knowledge” segments. 

My favorite part of this issue was Doctor Gantry explaining how his invisibility suit works. This is very similar experimental technology being developed by modern-day scientists to this day. There is no magic, or Stan Lee type pseudoscience used here for the most part, just plain old-fashioned book work.  

The other interesting thing about issue thee was the splitting of Doctor Solar into two separate red and blue electromagnet personalities. This total reminds me of the red and blue Superman bit that DC Comics used over thirty years later. I wonder if this is just a coincidence, or did DC steal the idea from Gold Key?

Overall, this is a wonderful vintage comic book and a worthwhile edition to anyone’s collection. I’m definitely glad I have it. This issue gets a very strong four out of five star rating from me. Now, on with the pull list!



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