Marvel Legends Hulkbuster Iron Man Deluxe Figure Up for Order!

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Hulkbuster Iron Man isn’t the raging craze that it was back in 2015, but it’s still a fan-favorite Iron Man armor permutation many fans get excited to see whenever it makes an appearance in Marvel media, or merchandising. And so, as part of their 85th Anniversary lineup, Hasbro is now turning their attention to a comics-based iteration of the armor that they’ve never captured before themselves: the deluxe 2024 Marvel Legends Hulkbuster Iron Man figure is now up for order!

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Marvel Legends Hulkbuster Iron Man Deluxe Figure

After Avengers Age of Ultron hit theaters and fandom wasn’t entirely enthralled by it, the hype for the movie version of Hulkbuster Iron Man died down somewhat. That’s not to say we didn’t get a tidal wave of movie Hulkbuster collectibles after that; but the fire from fans was definitely somewhat dampened.

Almost a decade has passed since then, though, and now Hasbro is ready to dive in with an all-new Marvel Legends Iron Man Hulkbuster once again—this time, based on the comic book design!

Adi Granov Hulkbuster Iron Man Model 31 Argonaut Cover Art

Bucking the trend of the Marvel Legends 85 Years series being composed entirely of classic versions of characters, this new Hulkbuster is actually based on the “modern” Adi Granov Model 31 Argonaut design from 2006, rather than the more traditional 90s design.

Toybiz Marvel Legends Series 11 Legendary Riders Hulkbuster Iron Man Figure Packaged 90s

I was a bit surprised to realize that this is the first time that a comic-based Marvel Legends branded Hulkbuster armor has been released since the Toybiz Legendary Riders version in 2005 (AKA vintage Marvel Legends Series 11), although Diamond Select Toys did release a modern comics Marvel Select Hulkbuster in 2015 (which was reissued in 2020 to increase availability). We also have had several movie-inspired Hulkbusters released from Hasbro in the past decade.

Classic Model 13 Hulkbuster Iron Man 90s Armor

Collectors seem a bit divided on this figure, as some expected an update to the Model 13 classic (1990s) armor instead of a modern take. I think we will see that version updated—eventually—but probably not for a few years now that Hasbro is producing this all-new modern iteration.

Marvel Legends 2024 Hulkbuster Iron Man 9" Figure Size Scale Comparison

Regardless of which design an individual prefers, there’s no denying how massive and impressively constructed this new Hulkbuster is. About 9” tall, it absolutely towers over basic Marvel Legends 6” figures and even oversized deluxe like Skaar (shown above).

2024 Marvel Legends Hulkbuster Iron Man Figure Unhelmeted Tony Stark Head

The removable helmet to show Tony Stark’s (puny relative to the armor) head underneath is such a fun feature. I really dig this toy for what it is, even if I wish there were a few more paint apps added.

Size Comparison Hulkbuster Iron Man Legends 2024 Figure with 6" Iron Man Figures

I’ll look forward to hopefully seeing a 90s version in a few years. I think Hasbro is really firing on all cylinders right now with a string of outstanding new action figures this year.

Marvel Legends 2024 Hulkbuster Iron Man 85th Anniversary Figure Packaged

The Hulkbuster Iron Man Marvel Legends figure is now up for pre-order and is expected to ship out in late summer. It’s priced at $59.99, which doesn’t seem out of line considering the immense size, bulk and new tooling for this release (and the fact that it utterly dwarfs the basic $25 figures). What are your insights on this new Iron Man, Marvel collectors? Will it be joining your home’s armory?

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