32 Terrible Movies And TV Shows Based On Classic Toys


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Toy brands have had interesting relationships with the film and TV mediums over the last several decades. Many have served as the basis for some notable productions, each of which has found varying degrees of success. Some of those offerings are held in high regard by much of the public, like The Transformers, Clue and the critically acclaimed Barbie, which was even nominated for Best Picture. However, some of the projects that have been inspired by playthings are quite lackluster, even living in infamy in some circles, and we’re going to discuss a number of them.

The cast of Pound Puppies

(Image credit: Hanna-Barbera Productions)

Pound Puppies (1986-1987)

In the ‘80s, Tonka’s Pound Puppies toy line was popular enough to spawn an animated series produced by Hanna-Barbera. The show, which has two seasons, centers around the adventures of a group of talking dogs, who lived at a pound and befriended a human girl. All in all, the stories are relatively basic, and the characters aren’t as endearing as others birthed by H-B Productions.

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