Melissa Joan Hart feels “really guilty” for taking underage Britney Spears to first nightclub


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Melissa Joan Hart has admitted she feels “really guilty” about taking Britney Spears to her first nightclub when she was underage.

The Sabrina The Teenage Witch actress starred alongside Spears in the latter’s music video for 1999 song ‘(You Drive Me) Crazy’, which was released when the singer was 17.

Recalling that time, Hart told Entertainment Tonight in a new interview: “Britney and I got to do a lot of press together. And we had a lot of fun together during this time.”

Speaking of their sisterly bond, the star recalled: “I saw that she was just surrounded by people, never able to break free. And I was like, ‘Hey want to come?’

“I would go to a club every night – I love dancing and I loved going out, but I also knew to be responsible and, like, when to stop.”

Hart continued: “She was underage and young and – but I [was] just like, ‘Let’s go out. We’re just gonna go out and have some fun.’ And I feel really guilty about that still to this day because I should have known better, being a big sister.”

Spears’s recent career has been dominated by a conservatorship, which she was released from in 2021 after being terminated by a judge in the wake of the #FreeBritney movement.

However, the singer recently spoke out after a ruling that she would have to foot a bill of $2million in legal fees for her estranged father Jamie.

“My family hurt me!!!” she wrote on social media. “There has been no justice and probably never will be!!! The people who sat and did absolutely nothing when they did that for four months are smooth sailing!!!

Meanwhile, earlier this month Charli XCX confirmed she had written music for Spears following rumours, though said it was never recorded.

“So I did get asked but I don’t know if it’s like… real? I went to Malibu and I wrote. And you always write songs hoping Britney’s gonna record them because she’s the queen of pop,” she said. “The team were present… But she didn’t record it. She obviously didn’t.”

Earlier this year, Spears declared that she would “never return to the music industry” amid rumours of new music.

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