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Following the global success of Oppenheimer and Dune: Part Two, Imax is looking forward to its biggest ever “filmed for Imax” slate in 2025, including at least 14 titles currently shooting with Imax film or Imax-certified digital cameras, which are due for release next year. 

The company said today that the 2025 slate more than doubles any previous year in its history, as Hollywood and overseas filmmakers and studios increasingly create for its platform. (Scroll down for the full 2025 roster.)

The increase in Imax-focused production follows a run of historic box office success for films shot with its proprietary cameras despite its nearly 1,700 commercial locations accounting for less than 1% of total screens worldwide.

Recent highlights include over 20% of the global box office ($190M+) on Universal’s Oppenheimer. Christopher Nolan shot the Oscar winner entirely with Imax film cameras. It’s the fifth highest grossing Imax movie of all time.

On Warner Bros/Legendary’s Dune: Part Two, shot entirely with Imax-certified digital cameras, Imax delivered 21% of the global box office ($145M+).

That means, as Imax CEO Rich Gelfond enthused today, one in five tickets to each of those films was bought in Imax. “We always knew Imax was a very valuable proposition to audiences,” he said, “It took longer than we had hoped for it to spill out in a dramatic way.”

Gelfond noted, “Imax is becoming as much about excellence in production as it is presentation of the biggest blockbuster filmmaking. Quite simply, audiences get that if you see a movie filmed for Imax in Imax, you’re getting the best, most immersive cinematic experience money can buy, which is why we’re driving a huge share of the global box office on these titles.”

Imax is also developing and finalizing the rollout of four next-generation 15/65mm film cameras and is on track to beta test early prototypes by August 2024, expecting the new cameras to enter production by the end of the year.

Imax has tapped such filmmakers and cinematographers as Nolan, Jordan Peele and Hoyte van Hoytema to identify new specs and features for the prototype.

In addition, upcoming films working with Imax-certified digital cameras include Joseph Kosinski’s Formula One project, Todd Phillips’ Joker: Folie à Deux (including a select run in 70mm Imax film) and Christopher McQuarrie’s Mission: Impossible 8.

Here’s the 2025 Filmed for IMAX Slate:

Captain America: Brave New World (Disney/Marvel) 
Untitled Ryan Coogler/Michael B. Jordan film (WB)
Thunderbolts (Disney/Marvel) 
Flowervale Street (WB)
Mission: Impossible 8 (Paramount) 
How To Train Your Dragon (Universal)
Untitled Formula One (Apple/Distributor TBC)
Superman: Legacy (WB/DC)
The Fantastic Four (Disney/Marvel)
Mercy (MGM/Amazon)
The Bride! (WB)
TRON: Ares (Disney)
Blade (Disney/Marvel)
Chinese New Year, title TBC

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