Every Nintendo Switch Online Game Boy (Color) Game Ranked


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The following ranking of the Nintendo Switch Online Game Boy and Game Boy Color games is compiled using the User Ratings (out of 10) given to each GB(C) game available on Switch in the West. Please note that this ranking is not set in stone and will automatically fluctuate over time depending on assigned User Ratings — and, over time, new additions to the NSO library, of course.

If you think a game deserves to place higher in the ranking below, simply click on the ‘star’ button and score it yourself. Your personal rating could very well boost its placement in the overall ranking!

Ready to go all 8-bit? Let’s take a look at the Game Boy games playable on Nintendo Switch, as ranked by you lovely people. We start at the bottom of the pile…

This one was a cross-platform title that also had PlayStation, PC, and Dreamcast versions, and although the diminutive handheld probably wasn’t the ideal platform for an immersive Resident Evil-inspired survival horror experience, developer Pocket Studios did an admirable job downscaling the prerendered environments to display on Game Boy Color, delivering a decent approximation of the game as it existed on the far more powerful systems. That’s not to say GBC’s Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare is the pick of the ports, of course. But, as massively downscaled 8-bit ‘demakes’ go, it’s really not a bad one and can be impressively spooky given the platform’s limitations.

Not one we’d rush to play over Game Boy luminaries like Super Mario Land 2, then, but a long way from terrible.

An unloved game based on the unloved Warner Bros. animated film, Quest for Camelot launched on Game Boy Color in the final weeks of 1998. Its appearance as part of Nintendo’s Switch Online offering may be down to the platform holder’s co-publishing of the original game (along with developer and publisher Titus Interactive). This top-down action-RPG might look a little like Zelda, but this is an exceptionally dull entry in the handheld’s library, even by the standards of licensed movie tie-ins.

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