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Hasbro brought their A-game to this week’s new Hasbro Pulse Marvel Legends stream of figure reveals, but the most immediate ones were for figures semi-confirmed by leaked prototypes that surfaced over the last few weeks. There was quite a bit of buzz surrounding those leaks, but now fans can lock in their reservations and pine away for the actual products: Marvel Legends Superior Spider-Man and Astonishing X-Men Wolverine are now up for order!

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Marvel Legends 2024 Astonishing Wolverine and Superior Spiderman Figures

At this point, Hasbro has covered most of the bases as far as Spider-Man and Wolverine figures go. But even with the many, many versions of each that Hasbro has produced, there are still iterations we need new or updated six inch action figures of.

And Hasbro is checking two such figures off of the list with near-definitive new toys for 2024: Astonishing Wolverine and Superior Spider-Man.

Packaged Marvel Legends 85th Anniversary Wolverine Figure in Box

It’s been quite a few years since an Astonishing Wolverine Legends figure was released, so it’s not much of a surprise that Hasbro has updated the new release in almost every conceivable way from its predecessor.

While we’ve grown quite accustomed to the standard modern Marvel Legends Wolverine buck (body mold), this Astonishing version debuts an all-new and all-awesome torso that raises the bar for ML figures of Logan.

With pin-less double-hinge knees and elbows and butterfly swivel shoulders, the aesthetic of this Wolverine looks seamless and gorgeous.

It’s rare that we get a non-neutral-faced Wolverine figure, but I outright love the angry, teeth-gritted masked head. It looks like John Cassaday’s art has come to plastic life! There’s also an unmasked Logan neutral portrait for those who prefer a less aggro look.


One area that I’ve heard some grumbles about is some of the colors picked for this Wolverine. The mask and belt are black, whereas the vast majority of actual comic book art from Joss Whedon’s legendary Astonishing X-Men run have them colored blue. Merchandise frequently does it this way, so I wonder if Marvel’s official preference is black.

Marvel Legends Astonishing X-Men Cyclops Wolverine Emma Frost Hasbro Figures 2024

Regardless, I think this is a killer Wolverine figure in a year loaded with Wolverine figures. And paired with last year’s Astonishing Cyclops and Emma Frost, we’ll only need Astonishing Beast, Colossus and Kitty Pryde to complete the core team.

Marvel Legends 2024 Superior Spider-Man Deluxe Figure

An even bigger upgrade is the new iteration of Marvel Legends Superior Spider-Man (AKA Doc Ock as Spidey while possessing Peter Parker’s body). Hasbro released a Superior Spidey previously in the 2014 Ultimate Green Goblin BAF series, but this is a massive improvement in almost every conceivable way from that decade-old toy.

Superior Spider-Man Legends Figure 2024 Hasbro

This Superior Spidey uses the Sunfire body mold that’s getting a bit old, but I think the hinge is fine here given the actual design of this costume. The feet are from the popular Renew Your Vows Spider-Man tooling, which go a long way to making this feel fresh.

There’s a new head with “reflective” lenses showing the skyline that I think is pretty neat, although I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t have preferred plain black lenses like in the comics. For those preferring a more classic look, an alternate head with traditional white eyes is also packed-in.

2024 Marvel Legends Superior Spider-Man Hasbro 6 Inch Figure on Robot Legs

The most notable eye-catcher of this figure is the set of mechanical legs, though. They allow for some stunning poses that Hasbro guarantees the toy will be able to pull off. They’re attached via a backpack that pegs into the back of the figure; a second backpack without legs is also included for those who like their Spideys with just two human legs. This will be priced a few bucks higher as a deluxe release, but I’m okay with that given the sheer coolness of the robot limbs.

Superior Spider-Man Legends Hasbro 2024 Deluxe Action FigureThe 2024 Marvel Legends Astonishing X-Men Wolverine and Superior Spider-Man figures are officially open for pre-orders today and are scheduled to arrive in early fall. These will be mainline releases, although it’s impossible to guess what availability will actually be like following the release window.

What do you think of these newest Hasbro Legends 6” figures of two of the most iconic heroes in the land, Marvel collectors? Will these be joining your collection this year, or do they fall short in some regard to your mind?

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