Marvel Legends Kingpin Retro Spider-Man Series Figure Reissue Up for Order!

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The third time may be the charm for a lot of Marvel collectors, as the always-in-demand comic-based Marvel Legends Kingpin figure is now up for order and making his third Hasbro appearance in the last decade. The 2018 Kingpin Build-A-Figure was a hot commodity, and even the 2021 Spider-Man Retro Series version skyrocketed to sell for over twice its retail MSRP. But now new collectors and those who missed out get a fresh chance with the first-ever Marvel Legends Retro figure re-release! Who else would you like to see reissued, Marvel collectors?

Spider-Man Retro Marvel Legends Kingpin Figure Packaged

From humble beginnings of being easily available to pre-order, the Toybiz vintage packaging-inspired subset of Hasbro Marvel Legends has grown to become one of the most-collected and popular Hasbro offerings. Iconic villains like Venom, Mysterio and Electro have all risen to notoriety with aftermarket values of well over double (or more) their original selling prices.

This kind of demand has put some of the most popular villains in the land out of reach of many collectors. But there’s a new ray of hope for those looking to build the Marvel Legends Retro wing of their collections: Hasbro is re-releasing a long sold out Retro Series figure for the very first time!

Marvel Legends Kingpin Build-A-Figure Review

When the Kingpin BAF was first released in 2018, he anchored a series with Puma, Silver Sable and modern Black Cat that wasn’t exactly a smash-hit with collectors. As such, many fans thought they’d save money by skipping the wave and just buying the Kingpin Build-A-Figure on the secondary market.

ML Kingpin 6" Figure Spider-Man Legends 2019

That gambit (no, not that Gambit) turned out to be a bust, as Build-A-Figure Kingpin prices jumped to nearly as much as the price of every figure in the wave (and even more once the set was sold out). To help meet demand, Hasbro brought back a repainted Kingpin with a new head in the 2021 Retro Spider-Man series.

Marvel Legends Kingpin Retro Figure and Accessories 2024 Reissue

But even one re-release isn’t enough for a villain as big as the Kingpin—the Retro re-release became in-demand itself as the Retro star rose, leading to high prices for that version as well.

But Hasbro has seen the cries of Wilson Fisk fans and taken mercy—a fresh reprint of the figure is now on the way, for a few bucks over its 2021 price, but vastly below recent eBay prices.

If you bought it the first time around, the re-released Spider-Man Retro Kingpin figure won’t have any surprises for you: same action figure, same beaten-up alternate head, same packaging and same cane. That means if you have the previous Kingpin, you probably don’t need to buy him again (unless you need a spare or a body for the Shadow King).

Order Marvel Legends Retro Kingpin Figure

The Marvel Legends Kingpin Retro Re-Release is now up for order, although it quickly sold out on BBTS and also isn’t available on Amazon. As a Fan Channel Exclusive, this also won’t be available at retail stores like Target and Walmart. If you want one, now might be the time to lock a pre-order in on EE before they’re sold out there as well. What character(s) do you hope Hasbro will re-release next in the Retro Series, Marvel collectors?

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