Movies And TV Shows Like Dune And How To Watch Them


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In 2021, Denis Villeneuve released one of the best sci-fi movies of all time with Dune, his massive adaptation of Frank Herbert’s landmark novel of the same name. Three years later, the second part of the expansive saga about Paul Atreides (Timothée Chalamet) conquering his fear, surviving the unforgiving desert planet of Arrakis, and fulfilling his destiny is out in the wild with the long-awaited Dune: Part Two

If you’re a fan of the first film and have either seen the sequel (or at least plan on watching it soon), there’s a good chance you’re looking for other movies and TV shows to watch that deal with similar topics, settings, or themes. If that’s the case, you’ve come to right place, because we’ve put together a list of sci-fi stories, historical epics, and all-time great TV shows that should do the trick while holding out for a possible Dune: Part 3.

Ryan Gosling's K in blade runner 2049

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Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

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