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Sam Wilson became Captain America way back in 2014, and Hasbro released their first Marvel Legends Sam Wilson Captain America figure soon after in a 2016 3-pack with Vision and Kate Bishop Hawkeye. That “Captain Falcon” figure was wholly inadequate because, well… it didn’t have any wings. 8 years later, Hasbro is making good on past potential by launching a comics-based Target Exclusive Symbol of Truth Captain America Sam Wilson action figure today! Is this the Falcon Cap that Sam’s fans have been waiting for?

Target Marvel Legends Captain America Sam Wilson Figure Box

It’s been a busy decade for fans of Sam Wilson, as the character not only ascended to becoming Captain America in the MCU movies, but also taken on the mantle of Cap in the comics, given it up, and then taken it on again. At this point it’s hard to remember a time before Snap Wilson had ever become the shield-slinging star-spangled man.

And so, it’s long past time that Hasbro went back and upgraded the inadequate 2016 Marvel Legends figure of Sam Wilson Cap.

Marvel Legends 2016 Sam Wilson Captain America Falcon 6 Inch Figure

The big downfall of the old version of this figure (shown above) was the complete absence of wings—a monumental difference between Steve and Sam costume-wise.

Marvel Legends 2024 Captain America Falcon Figure with Wings

Wings of this type are large and expensive to design and produce, and also create the logistical impossibility of just slotting this figure into any ol’ Marvel Legends toy series. the wingspan on these is huge!

Marvel Legends 2024 Falcon Captain America Target Exclusive 6" Figure

Thankfully, Hasbro has solved all these issues by making the new Captain America Symbol of Truth figure a Target Exclusive a deluxe boxed release.

Box Back Captain America Legends Sam Wilson with Wings

Sam is retailing for $34.99, about 10 bucks more than a standard 6” Legends action figure these days, but I think the new tooling and amazing functionality of Sam’s wings make him well worth the extra Alexander Hamilton.

2024 Marvel Legends Target Captain America Falcon Figure Wings Fully Extended

Simply put, the new wings are gorgeous (on top of being beautifully large). They’re also quite poseable with multiple points of articulation.

Exclusive Marvel Legends Captain America Sam Wilson Action Figure Hasbro 2024

It appears you can’t have everything, though—Sam is still sporting pinned knees and elbows, which is a bit of a disappointment given that pin-less limbs has become the norm over the last few years. I probably care more about these than most people, but their aesthetic really bothers me after seeing the potential of a pin-free world.

Shield on Back of Target Captain America Sam Wilson Falcon 6 Inch Figure

In addition to the wings, the new Sam Wilson Cap comes with his shield (which can attach to his back instead of the wings) and a pair of extra interchangeable hands (a fist and a splayed hand for shield throwing poses).

Marvel Legends Sam Wilson Action Figure Captain America with Wings

The Symbol of Truth Captain America Marvel Legends figure is now available exclusively on the Target website in the United States, and is scheduled to ship out in June 2024. In Canada it will be released via Toys R Us later this year. I’m a little miffed about the pins, but there are few comic-based Captain America Sam Wilson figures on the market and this is still easily the best one, so it’s a purchase for me. What about you, Marvel collectors? Does Hasbro do enough with this new release of Falcon Cap to earn your 35 dollars?

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