Taylor Lautner And His Wife Taylor Lautner Wear The Same Black Dress In Funny TikToks


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Taylor Lautner and his wife have a lot in common. Other than the shared love the two have for each other, as the Lautners also share the same first and last name. Now, it would seem that the couple is further the concept of twinning and doing so in a fun way. The pair both slayed in the same black dress by way of some funny TikToks. And yes, the clips are just as delightful as you’d probably imagine them to be.

Since the two Taylor Launters live under the same roof, that means they can consult each other on fashion choices for major events. It’s one thing to give fashion advice on what suit and dress to wear, but it’s another when it comes to deciding who looks better in the same dress. In a funny TikTok video posted by Mrs. Lautner, both she and her hubby jokingly wore the same black sequined dress while lip-syncing the Family Guy audio, “Well, one of us is gonna have to change.” Take a look at the hilarious short below:

♬ one of us is gonna have to change – xoxoclips

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