Sensational She-Hulk – Volume 02 Issue 02


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My Rating

Rating: 3 out of 5.

“Jen-Sational – Part 02”

Why She-Hulk follow? Why She-Hulk following Hulk?! That’s what Jennifer Walters was trying to figure out as her gamma-grump of a cousin continued yelling into her face at hurricane force. Hulk insists he can smell her blood no matter where he goes. Hence his impromptu return to the Big Apple.

Speaking of smells…that breath! Jen would never forget the stench of Hulk breath as long as she lives. Before She-Hulk can pass the Dentyne strips and calm her cousin down, a group of nosey New Yorkers begin to gather behind She-Hulk. In the matter of seconds the social media junkies would find out what enrages Hulk the most. Selfies!

What other gamma powered female could be following the Incredible Hulk? Will She-Hulk’s neighbors survive the extreme makeover? Did Jennifer just land a major endorsement deal from Snapple?

“Wyatt Wingfoot *”

The Negative Zone, home to every crackpot dictator and tech-savvy army looking to invade and conquer Earth. But why today of all days? Jennifer Walters just wanted to help represent an old colleague at the nation’s capital. Now Chief Wyatt Wingfoot and the She-Hulk are knee deep in King Blastaar’s shock troops.

Will the Jade Giantess be able restore order on the floor of Congress before things get out of control? Why doesn’t the federal government recognize the proud Keewazi Nation? Is that Mitch McConnell? Collect the series to find out!

* Untitled Story

Reviewer Notes

The Incredible Hulk is back, and this time he’s out for blood. Jennifer’s blood to be precise. But is it really her blood he seeks? Setting that question aside for a second, the real elephant in the room is Hulk’s hair. Bon Jovi from 1989 called and he wants his hair style back. Hello?!? What’s with Hulk’s hair recently?

Sensational She-Hulk issue two is a fun romp through the downtown streets of Manhattan. And when I say, “fun romp”, I really mean things are about to get turned upside-down. Someone better call Damage Control because Hulk is about to smash.

Even though the stories are brief, they are entertaining. Two villains make their return from She-Hulk Volume Four, and some Kirby creations show up as well. This is enough to earn this issue a solid three out of five stars. If writer Bobby Wilson wants to confirm in the comments section that Mitch McConnell and Illian Omar are indeed depicted in his story, I will add another star to my rating.



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