Marvel Legends Wolverine 50th Anniversary Livestream Reveals.

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Last week Marvel Legends held a livestream celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Wolverine. They didn’t just reveal Wolverine products (but most were Wolverine-related) The reveals were:

  • Secret Empire Captain America
  • Sam Wilson Captain America
  • Angel
  • Logan vs Sabertooth Two-Pack
  • Brood Wolverine & Lilandra Two-Pack
  • Patch & Joe Fixit Two-Pack
  • Ninja Wolverine & Psylocke Two-Pack

I should note that the only pre-orders that went up after the livestream were the Brood Wolverine and Lilandra set and the Logan vs Sabertooth two-pack. I’d imagine the others will be going up sometime in the new year.

A new comic book Sam Wilson Captain has been a long time coming and he looks fantastic. I cannot wait to see more of it, I really like the look of the Secret Empire Captain America as well, I know that it’s quite a divisive comic, but I really like the look of the suit. I know that X-Men fans have been waiting several years for a new Angel figure and it looks fantastic!

The rest of the reveals consisted of Wolverine-themed figures to celebrate the character’s 50th anniversary next year. With three two-packs, two of which are already up for pre-order and one being teased for next year. I don’t know when the Ninja Wolverine & Psylocke two-pack, nor when the Patch and Joe Fixit two-packs will go up, but I can guess it will be early next year.

I think both two-packs look fantastic and it’s great to see Lilandra in the Marvel Legends line properly at last! I know that Hasbro has been teasing some of the Brood-orientated figures for some time. The two packs that I am most excited about though have to be the Logan and Sabertooth one as I haven’t got a comic book Logan on the shelf nor a Sabertooth figure either and both of these figures look excellent!

Both of the figures come with plenty of accessories including interchangeable hats, hands, and some playing cards for Logan and Sabertooth comes with some interchangeable hands and head. Both of the figures look incredible with amazing head sculpts on both of the figures. I pre-ordered mine immediately and I can’t wait for them to come out next year!

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