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Over the last week, Hasbro has put two more Marvel Legends products up for pre-order. Last week, it was the Deluxe Angel figure; this week, it’s the Psylocke & Ninja Wolverine two-pack. All these figures were revealed during the Wolverine 50th Anniversary livestream just before Christmas.

It’s been a few years since Hasbro released an Angel figure, I think the last one I remember them doing is the Horseman of The Apocalypse version. That was a Deluxe figure and came with some interchangeable heads too. This is a very classic look to Angel and I like the look of it. The wings are articulated too which is very impressive to see and is something Hasbro is good at. Having an interchangeable head is great and they both look fantastic and it’s always nice to get some interchangeable hands.

It would be straightforward for Hasbro to re-release the figure with a new paint job to reflect one of the many costumes that Angel has worn over the years.

Just yesterday Hasbro put the Psylocke & Ninja Wolverine two-pack up for pre-order. This too was revealed during the Wolverine livestream. I was very intrigued when I saw images of the two-pack and I was very interested to see what accessories they’ll come with. Especially Psylocke as she is the completely new figure in this two-pack. That’s not to say that the Ninja Wolverine figure isn’t any good when it looks like he comes with some new arms and a new head sculpt

I love the Psylocke figure, she looks stunning. They’ve never done a figure of her in this costume before and it does look excellent. I’m extremely impressed that she has some painted details in parts of her costume and cloak. Her two interchangeable head sculpts look phenomenal! The face printing technology has certainly done wonders to the comic book figures as well as the MCU ones. The interchangeable hands and effects for both figures are a nice added touch. I must admit I was on the fence about this two-pack, but now I think I’ll pre-order it!

Both of these releases are scheduled to be released in April this year.

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