Sideshow Dazzler & Spider-Man Premium Format 1/4 Statues Up for Order!

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I have highly limited space left in my displays for huge 1/4 scale statues at this point in my life, and even less space in my wallet given today’s prices for them. But I’m always watching for new characters I don’t have a statue of in my collection, as well as bold takes on ones I already do. And so far this month, Sideshow already has both! A new 1/4 Spider-Man Premium Format Figure and the first-ever 1/4 Dazzler Premium Format Figure are now up for order! Are they worth a look, lofty price tags and all?

Sideshow Spider-Man and Dazzler Premium Format Figures

If there’s one franchise that can still make me bust out my credit card to fork over an excessive amount of dollars more often than not, it’s the X-Men. Luckily (not for my savings account), this year is going to be heavily X-loaded.

From Storm to Jean Grey to Psylocke, Sideshow Collectibles has made (and remade) the majority of the I iconic female X-Men by now. But this year, they’re giving fans a character that hasn’t seen a resin statue at all since the days of Bowen Designs and has never gotten a 1:4 statue ever—Dazzler!

Close-Up of Dazzer X-Men Sideshow Premium Format Figure

With her mutant power to turn sound into light, as well as her mad roller skating skills and connection to disco, pop-singing superstar Alison Blaire has been a fan-favorite character since her creation in 1980. She’s had several Marvel Legends X-Men figures released, appeared in the X-Men arcade game and had a variety of smaller collectibles produced in her likeness—and now, Dazzler is ready for the big (re: quarter-scale) time!

Sideshow Dazzler Roller Skates and Disco Ball Base

I think the Sideshow Dazzler statue is, at a glance, absolutely amazing. It’s a wild, over-the-top design for a wild, over-the-top character.

Pearlescent Body Suit on Sideshow Premium Format Dazzler Statue

Wearing a pearlescent bodysuit and complemented by roller skates, bright blue makeup and a metallic disco ball base, the 31” Premium Format Dazzler Figure is an X-Men statue like we’ve never seen before from Sideshow. To say I love this piece would be an understatement.

Sideshow X-Men Dazzler PF Figure Back

All this unbelievable disco goodness comes at a price, though—and that price is $735. Sideshow Collectibles statue prices have been escalating for years, so the MSRP here isn’t totally unexpected—but it still stings. I’m eternally grateful for Sideshow’s extended payment plans.

Spider-Man Spider Sense Statue by Sideshow Collectibles 2024

And while we’re talking about outside-the-box $700+ Marvel statues, let’s look at the 2024 Spider-Man Premium Format Figure.

2024 Sideshow Spider-Man Premium Format Figure Statue Side View

Spidey is obviously an infinitely less daring character choice than disco Dazzler, but Sideshow is doing something fresh and interesting with this piece by incorporating the Sinister Six into it as apparitions “sensed” by Peter’s Spider-Sense.

Sideshow Spider-Man Villains Statue Electro Doc Ock Mysterio Kraven Vulture Sandman

Let’s face it: Sideshow won’t be making full statues of Doc Ock, Kraven the Hunter, Sandman, Vulture, Electro or Mysterio anytime soon—but at least we can get them as smoky, ghostly entities on Spider-Man’s base. I thought this piece was freakishly bizarre the first time I saw it, but it is growing on me now that the initial shock has worn off. This is a pretty bold and inventive design rather than “just another Spider-Man statue”.

Sideshow Collectibles Spider-Man Sinister Six Statue

At 20” tall by 15” wide/deep, this diorama-like statue is imposing without being overwhelming. Honestly, I straight up love the expressive big eyes on Spidey and his crouched pose—it’s only the unorthodox villains aspect of the statue that’s really giving me pause from making this my first 1/4 red and blue costume Spider-Man.

Rear View of Spider-Mans Ass on Sideshow Premium Format Figure

Spidey’s, uh… buttocks… has also been getting some attention from fans, and I have to agree it looks a bit abnormal for a Spider-Man statue. I would never be displaying this statue oriented in that way, but your taste may vary. At $740, this 1:4 statue costs just s hair more than the Dazzler PF—I genuinely would have expected a much scarier price.

Side View of Dazzler Resin Statue by Sideshow Collectibles

The new Sideshow Dazzler and Spider-Man Premium Format Figures are up for order now and scheduled for release toward the end of the year. Dazzler shall be mine. Are any of you readers also dropping the big bucks for one of this year’s headliner Marvel statues?

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