Marvel Legends Spider-Man The Animated Series Daredevil & Hydro-Man Two-Pack.

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Just on Thursday Marvel Legends revealed another Spider-Man The Animated Series two-pack Daredevil & Hydro-Man. The Hydro-Man is cast in clear blue plastic and the Daredevil has cel-shading to replicate the look from the Animated Series.

I have to say both figures look fantastic the Daredevil figure has grown on me and I like the cel-shaded look. I love how they’ve painted Hydro-Man’s face by having the eyes and teeth painted, replicating his look from the show. What I dig as well is that you can see the t-shirt sculpted on, which is exactly how he looked in the series. The effect pieces look great and complete the figure!

Daredevil comes with a lot of accessories including an interchangeable head, hands & a plastic rope for the batons. It’s a re-use of the three-pack Daredevil which I have missed and really want to get hold of. This set is scheduled to be released in May and is exclusively available on Hasbro Pulse.

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