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Being a total fanboy for the Skottie Young Marvel Animated statues series by Diamond Select Toys isn’t exactly one of my best-kept secrets, so I was delighted this winter to finish off a team in the line for the very first time. While the Fantastic Four is coming in fast, the FF were beaten to the team-completion punch by one of the zaniest teams in the Marvel Universe, the Guardians of the Galaxy. The Marvel Animated Drax statue is shipping now and completes the movie roster. Here’s my review…

Marvel Animated Statues Complete Guardians of the Galaxy Statue Set

Gentle Giant kicked off the Marvel Animated Guardians of the Galaxy lineup way back in 2016 with the Skottie Young Star-Lord mini statue. At the time I never dreamed the line would be as expansive and successful as it’s become, and it never crossed my mind the team might ever be completed.

Animated Rocket & Groot showed up in early 2017, and eventually Gamora followed in 2021. And now, over 7 years after its inception, the now-iconic GOTG movie roster is complete with Drax in glorious resin Skottie Young statue form.

Box Back Drax Marvel Animated Skottie Young Resin Statue

Like every piece in the line, Drax comes in a colorful cardboard box with pretty photos on the sides and a character bio on the back. It’s nothing fancy, and it doesn’t need to be.

Diamond Select Skottie Young Drax Figure Unboxing Certificate of Authenticity

Since this is a resin figure, Drax is safely nestled in styrofoam within the box, with his authenticity certificate card right inside the lid. Drax is limited to 3000 pieces like most of the line.

Unboxing Marvel Animated Drax Skottie Young GOTG Figurine

As soon as I opened him up, I was struck by what a bright, fun shade of green Drax’s skin is. Whereas Gamora’s colors are darker and more muted, the Drax Animated statue really pops on a shelf or even out in the wild.

Marvel Animated Drax Statue Review DST

Drax’s magenta and green color scheme is a real eye-popper and a great fit for this style of art and collectibles. The blue shading on the pants breaks up all the black nicely as well. While there’s not a ton of detailing on this figure, Drax’s tattoos have been painted on cleanly and look terrific. All the paintwork on this mini statue has been applied masterfully.

Back of Diamond Select Skottie Young Marvel Drax the Destroyer Mini Statue

Although he’s a bit bulkier and heavier than most other statues in the Marvel Animated series, DST wisely kept the price on Drax below 60 bucks. Any more than that and I suspect a lot of potential buyers would really raise an eyebrow skeptically at this 5” Drax.

Side View of Skottie Young Drax Statue by Diamond Select Toys DST 2023

Despite the size, this Drax has a nice amount of heft to it and feels like a quality resin product and not a cheap Funko Pop Vinyls figure or what-not.

Bottom of Base Hand Numbered Animated Drax Statue

Drax is a hand-numbered limited edition statue like all the other items in this line. He’s limited to just 3000 pieces produced.

SKottie Young Marvel Drax Statue Box Front

Overall: While he’s not a character I was dying for a little statue of (beyond wanting him to complete the GOTG on my shelf), I’m surprised how much I dig this piece. Vivid colors and fun proportions really make this feel like Skottie Young artwork come to life. I feel like the addition of Drax elevates the whole GOTG series. Excellent.

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