Glen Powell’s Parents Have Cameos In Anyone But You, And He Has A Funny Take On How His Dad Is A ‘Real Method Actor’


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Mild spoilers for Anyone But You lie ahead.

Most probably know by now that Glen Powell pivoted back to rom-coms by way of his latest film, Anyone But You, which pairs him with Euphoria’s Sydney Sweeney. But did you know that the 2023 movie release features cameos from Powell’s parents? The Texas native spoke about his folks’ appearances in the movie and even shared a funny take about why his dad is a “real method actor.”

As seen in the Anyone But You trailer, Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney’s characters getting themselves into a lot of hilarious situations while pretending to be a couple. But did anyone who’s seen the movie happen to spot Powell’s parents? They’re in the scene in which Sweeney’s Bea is trying to get her shirt out of her airplane seat. The Top Gun: Maverick actor had a hilarious response he shared with EW why he believes his dad to be so “method” in that moment, and it involved sleep:

The funniest part about that scene in general is that my dad’s the real method actor. He’s stone-cold asleep. I’m sitting there as Sydney is trying to do gymnastics over my face and quite often slipping and falling onto me, and I’m having to not break. Whereas my dad, he’s the Daniel Day-Lewis of sleep acting. There was not a false beat in that performance.

Well, now, we know where Glen Powell gets his acting chops from! If his father added some snoring into the mix, then he really committed to the part. The Hidden Figures actor seems to have a loving yet budding bond with his dad. In fact, he had a jacket made for his pop while he was working on the set of the Top Gun sequel, and it read “Hangdad.” The two were also all smiles in an Instagram post Glen shared in his dad’s honor on Father’s Day, in which he called him a “father. friend. coach. hero.”

Not only is the Powell patriarch a “real method actor,” but Glenn’s mother showed off her talents well while making her cameo. The actor said:

My mom is across the aisle and gets the ‘I’ll have what she’s having’ When Harry Met Sally moment. She gets an iconic look in that scene. She came in and killed it. I was very proud of both of them in that scene.

It shows that you don’t need to deliver dialogue to make a scene memorable. Just one look can kill, or in this case, leave you laughing. This isn’t the first time Glen Powell’s mom, Cyndy, has appeared in movies. She played an adult spy in Spy Kids 3, a lunch lady in Everybody Wants Some!! (which her son starred in) and a professor featured at a party in Jack & Bobby. So she’s definitely no stranger to being on a set.

The Set It Up actor is indeed a real family man. He’s already a devoted doggie father to his cute pupper, Brisket, whom he gives a lot of attention to. The talented actor and his brood also showed off their affinity for elf culture dressing up as Buddy the Elf, with a number of celebrities sending high praises. Glen Powell may be a single man ever since he and model Gigi Paris broke up in April, but he’s never truly alone, given how close he is with his relatives. Eventually, though, Powell said what would make him “really happy” is to have a lasting marriage like his parents, who have been together for over 40 years. If his folks were able to find that with each other, I have no doubts the Scream Queens actor will find that, too.

When you’re watching the airplane scene in Anyone But You, take a good look at the two passengers sitting on opposite sides of each other. That way, you’ll be able to see Mr. Powell snoozing it up like the talented star he is. Check out the movie in theaters now!

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