Is Jackass 5 Happening? Steve-O Gets Honest About Johnny Knoxville’s (Infamous) Injury And The Potential For More Movies


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From spinoff shows to WrestleMania appearances to lucrative tours to dream acting roles with Danny DeVito and others, several members of the Jackass crew have found incredible success outside the franchise that made them famous. Johnny Knoxville and Steve-O in particular have achieved heights neither one likely ever thought possible, but that doesn’t mean fans won’t always still be clamoring for more classic Jackass shenanigans. There’s just something nostalgic and loveable about the movies that fans can’t get away from; so, it should come as no surprise that Steve-O recently sat for an interview and was asked about whether a fifth movie is going to happen.

Speaking to, the beloved stuntman was asked what the chances are we’ll see all the guys together to shoot another film. Unfortunately, this update may not have been what some fans were looking for. He said there haven’t been any conversations about another film and pointed to his co-star Johnny Knoxville’s brain injury on the set of Jackass Forever as a reason they’re taking it easy.

No, I’ve heard nothing of that. I know that Knoxville, and thank God, Knoxville is not trying to risk his life anymore or hit his head anymore. That’s just the one important thing. Knoxville hitting his head has really lost its fun for us.

The line between comedy and traumatic injury has always been a little fuzzier than a doctor would recommend on Jackass. Many of the group’s best bits have involved someone putting their body at serious risk, but as many in the group have gotten older and more sober, the risks of that recklessness have come more to the forefront. That was especially true while filming the terrific Jackass Forever when a stunt with a bull went wrong and Knoxville ended up in the hospital with a concussion and brain damage that required months of rehab and antidepressants. Steve-O has been open about how much the Jackass stunt stuck with him, and even more than a year later, he’s clearly shook up about it.

Yeah, trust me, I was there. I was like, ‘Why are we doing this? Come on man. Why are we doing this?’

Steve-O and company have given fans plenty of footage over the years. They should definitely not make another Jackass movie if they don’t want to. Recovering from an injury in your late 40s and early 50s, as most of the guys are now, is way harder than doing so in your 20s. That being said, I hope they do realize that a lot of what so many of us loved about watching them wasn’t the injuries. 

It was watching them hang out and bond through awkward and uncomfortable circumstances. Some of their best bits are more clever than scary, and at some point down the road, if they ever wanted to make a movie that involved less physical violence and more pranks and awkward hijinks, many of us would be there.  

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