“The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula” – Dracmorda and Swanthula Select Their Top Five Christmas Horror Movies


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The fifth season of “The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula” is on hiatus for the holidays, set to resume airing on January 9, 2024. As a special treat to help with the wait, the Boulet Brothers bring unhappy holiday tidings with a selection of their favorite Christmas horror movies!

Season five of the mainline series is currently delivering a diverse cast from all over the world on an even bigger stage, showcasing some of the best looks and performances in the show’s history, as well as some of the most extreme extermination challenges ever seen. In addition, the Boulet Brothers‘ themselves, Dracmorda and Swanthula, have taken over as the series directors.

It’s been a monumental year or so for The Boulet Brothers, which included the release of the aforementioned spin-off “The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula: Titans, a world tour, and The Boulet Brothers’ Halfway to Halloween TV Special (written and directed by the Boulet Brothers). As if that’s not enough, “The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula” has already received a sixth season renewal.

As if their work and “The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula” didn’t already speak for itself, Dracmorda and Swanthula are savvy horror fans, and they’ve offered a special selection of Christmas horror movies to keep you busy while we wait for season five to return.

Without further ado….

Drac: Merry Christmas uglies, and unhappy holidays! While all your relatives, friends and community members are trying to ruin your holiday break with good tidings and cheer, we here at Boulet manor know just what you need to get you through these difficult times.

Swan: It’s dripping wet, heart pounding, and can keep you out of breath for up to two hours at a time…

Drac: …No, not that you naughty little thing – we’re talking about a good old fashioned classic Christmas Horror Film, and we’ve comprised a list of our favorite flicks that are sure to get you through this despicably joyous season.

Swan: There’s something for everyone here, so turn down the lights, turn up the volume, and enjoy your holiday in hell!

5: Christmas Evil

Christmas Evil

Drac: This movie is mentally ill, weird, and makes absolutely no sense, so it’s just like Christmas! This film has somehow become a cult favorite, and John Waters himself loves it, so who am I to argue? Due to its horridness, it has secured a place on our jolly little list.

4: Gremlins


Swan: This is my favorite gateway holiday horror film. It’s funny, it’s campy, it’s deliciously 80’s in style, and it features hundreds of evil little creatures destroying an entire town on Christmas Eve. What more could you want?

3: Female Trouble

Female Trouble

Drac: This movie is a wild ride, and the ultimate John Waters masterpiece. It kicks off with one of the most memorable family Christmas scenes in cinematic history, and it shows you what a dark turn life can take if you don’t get the heels you want from Santa.

2: Silent Night, Deadly Night

Silent Night, Deadly Night

Swan: While some consider Silent Night, Deadly Night to be the ultimate holiday slasher, I think it doubles as soft core gay adult entertainment. Robert Brian Wilson as Billy Chapman is the type of Santa that you want to break into your house and stab you to death (if you know what I mean).

1: Black Christmas

Black Christmas

Drac: Black Christmas is, in my opinion, the ultimate holiday horror film. It perfectly captures the eeriness of Christmas, and shows you that when you turn the diamond a little and look at the holiday through a slightly different lens, it really can be truly terrifying.

Celebrate the four pillars of Drag, Filth, Horror, & Glamour when “The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula” season five resumes on January 9, with new episodes airing on Shudder and AMC+ every Tuesday.

Boulet Brothers Dracmorda and Swanthula

Photo Credit: Nathan Noyes

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