Railbreak – the on-rails survival horror shooter is out now


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Railbreak is on Xbox, PlayStation and PC

From Dead Drop Studios comes a new on-rails survival horror shooter. Are you ready to blast your way through Railbreak on Xbox, PlayStation and PC? 

Available on Xbox Series X|S right now, as well as PlayStation 5 and PC is a new on-rails horror experience from the same team previously behind the Outbreak series of games. Railbreak is the name and it whisks you off to a city in ruins. It’s here where the undead await, slowly moving their way through town, taking down anything that gets in their way. You are there to stop them. 

An Unreal Engine 5 on-rails shooter

Created in Unreal Engine 5 and utilising an on-rails shooting experience. That was all the rage years back. Railbreak will have you taking on the role of a few survivors, as they attempt to, well, survive. It comes with a full story mode set in the city of Cypress Ridge, complete with some six scenarios. 

Accompanying that are a Score Attack mode and an endless Onslaught mode. The latter slowly ramping up the difficulty to extreme levels. Include the fact that Railbreak is playable alone or with a local cooperative friend, and Dead Drop Studios could well be on to a winner. 

Buy now

You’ll find Railbreak on the Xbox Store, playable on Xbox Series X|S. It’s priced at £16.74. Alternatively, you can play on PlayStation 5 or PC. 

Note, this is a current-gen only affair. As such, you won’t be able to play Railbreak on Xbox One. 

Railbreak on Xbox Game Description

It’s Saturday night in Cypress Ridge which means the city is in ruins, hordes of flesh eating undead are on the prowl, and you have the arcade all to yourself! Grab your controller, select your survivor, and blast your way to safety as the city burns around you in this on-rails survival horror shooter. Oh, and don’t forget to bring a friend for zombie fodder, er, we mean multiplayer experience!

Railbreak melds a classic on-rails arcade experience with the cutting edge Unreal Engine 5. In this prelude to Outbreak: Shades of Horror, you’ll get an opportunity to see the sights and sounds of Cypress Ridge and get chomped on by a zombie or four! Face the city alone, or bring a friend along with optional 2-player co-op supported across the entire game

Featuring a wide cast of survivors each with their own loadouts and traits, you’ll find plenty of replayability in this absurd take of a survival horror game in a survival horror game. A full story mode experience awaits across six scenarios. Bonus modes include Score Attack, and the endless Onslaught Mode that keeps ratcheting up the difficulty until the undead finally seal your fate.

Crack open your piggy bank, snag a fizzy soda, and take a trip back to the 1990’s arcade.

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