‘Black Christmas’ – Revisit the Original Holiday Classic on SCREAMBOX Right Now!


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Christmas is coming and we’re painting the snow red on SCREAMBOX.

There are an absurd amount of presents under our tree, including the “Frankenstein”-inspired Santastein, the nasty Secret Santa hailing from the director of Jason Goes to Hell, and the awesomely creepy anthology Night of the Missing.

But we also have our fair share of holiday classics, including Rare ExportsChristmas EvilDay of the Beast, Deep Red, and even Silent Night, Deadly Night 2.

However, the star at the top of the tree is Bob Clark‘s slasher masterpiece Black Christmas, which is now streaming on SCREAMBOX courtesy of Shout! Factory.

In Black Christmas

“The college town of Bedford is receiving an unwelcome guest this Christmas. As the residents of sorority house Pi Kappa Sigma prepare for the festive season, a stranger begins to stalk the house. A series of obscene phone calls start to plague the sorority and it becomes clear that a psychopath has more than merriment on his mind. As the police try to trace the phone calls, they discover that nothing is as it seems during this Black Christmas.”

The film stars Olivia Hussey, Art Hindle, Margot Kidder, and John Saxon.

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