Transplant Season 3 Episode 5 Review: Nadir


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Mags found herself right back where she started — as a hospitalized cardiac patient.

And those who were there for her in her time of need suffered as a result on Transplant Season 3 Episode 5.

That was especially true for Bash, who has been everyone’s whipping boy lately.

That’s mainly because he’s a nice guy and a Syrian immigrant who feels fortunate to be working, albeit below his skill level, at a Canadian hospital instead of washing dishes as he was when Bishop discovered him.

Also, until he became a Canadian citizen on Transplant Season 3 Episode 4, he feared that he would be found out and shipped back to a country where he’s a wanted man.

But he shouldn’t have had to be taking abuse from his girlfriend Mags, although it was understandable why he rolled with the verbal punches.

Bash blamed himself because he was sleeping when Mags’ heart rhythm jumped. But as Theo pointed out, he got her help as quickly as possible.

But Bash was a nervous boyfriend and not an experienced surgeon in the Cath Lab. Theo made one of his rare intelligent choices lately when he pulled Bash out of there so Fisher and her team could work on Mags.

To understand how Mags was reacting, you must understand where she came from.

She thought her days of being a sickly patient were behind her, to the point that neither Theo nor June were aware of her medical history.

Mags was accustomed to being supremely self-sufficient, a star on the York staff.

But now her older sister Camille had to disrupt her life in Montreal to take care of Mags again.

It’s a shame that Camille was only around for a short while because we never got to experience their sisterly dynamic.

Instead it was Mags working feverishly and remotely on the ICD study when she should have been recuperating.

This situation is more difficult because Fisher is both Mags’ boss and her cardiologist.

The pair have been clashing over the study since Mags feels it’s unethical for Fisher to benefit from it. She even asked Devi for her opinion on Transplant Season 3 Episode 3.

So when Fisher told Mags she needed four months to recover and that she would finish the study without her, was that her medical opinion, or did she want Mags out of her hair? Probably a little of both.

It was predictable that Mags ended up asking Neeta for her job back in Emerg. After all, she’s one of the few who agrees with Devi’s patient-centric philosophy, and as she said, Neeta could use some allies.

Plus, she’ll be happier there, and Devi will be glad to have her back, as will her coworkers.

As usual, Bash found himself with a demanding patient in soldier Gurjeet. He also discovered he had more in common with Gurjeet than he would admit.

Suffering from PTSD, Gurjeet mistook Bash for his dead former translator, Nadir.

Since Gurjeet had a potentially dangerous situation with shrapnel pressing up against his esophagus, he needed to want to live if he were to do so.

Since Gurjeet was refusing surgery and ignoring Bash’s calls, Bash hunted down Dr. Kamir Esfahani, Gurjeet’s psychiatrist, who was shocked that Gurjeet had mentioned Nadir to Bash.

Gurjeet blamed himself for Nadir’s death. So Kamir had the radical idea of having Bash continue to portray Nadir so that Gurjeet could get that memory unstuck.

But something strange happened as Bash’s PTSD made an appearance as he snapped at Gurjeet right before Gurjeet had to be rushed to surgery since the shrapnel moved.

Bash made a wise move, asking Kamir to take him on as a patient to work on his PTSD. Bash has handled it well so far, but it’s still in the back of his mind, and it could flare at any time, just like Mags’ heart issues.

June finally determined that she enjoyed having Shay around, but only after Shay had disappeared from their shared home. This came after the two argued, and Shay proclaimed that June didn’t want her there.

As days passed and June couldn’t locate Shay, she began to worry about her, just like a parent would. She went so far as to consult with a cop about what constitutes a missing person.

After Shay showed up with a reasonable explanation, June was annoyed, first at Shay and then at herself for missing Shay’s note. But at least Shay understood June’s true feelings for her.

Novak finally returned from Turkey and seemed frustrated that his Trauma OR staff had personal problems with which to deal. He also roped June into his ongoing battle with Devi over her new ED policies.

Theo appeared to be adjusting well to his new probationary status. What choice did he have? With his personal life in shambles, he needs his work.

Maybe things are looking up on the personal front as pediatrist Dr. Elizabeth Bergeron, who had been a resident with Theo, was introduced. There were few sparks yet, but why else would a new character be introduced?

Theo also was compassionate with the exhausted father with a chronically sick child.

Were you surprised Mags is heading back to Emerg?

Was Bash wise to seek help from Kamir?

Have June and Shay worked things out?

Comment below.

Dale McGarrigle is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow him on X.

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