Guy Fieri Won’t Officiate Kristen Stewart’s Wedding After All, But I Love How The Twilight Star Still Wants To Involve Him


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It was almost two years ago when Kristen Stewart announced that her and Dylan Meyer were officially fiancées, and at the time, she came in hot with some unique ideas for the wedding, including the hope that Guy Fieri might officiate their nuptials. Shortly after K-Stew made her love of the Mayor of Flavortown known, Fieri even offered to fill the role during a surprise appearance on Today! So what’s the latest update on the Oscar-nominated actress having the spikey-haired restaurateur there at the altar with her and Meyer? 

K-Stew was just asked for an update on the incredibly random wedding idea this week. Here’s what she had to say: 

[Fieri’s team] reached out and were like, ‘You know, we are down for this.’ And I was like, ‘Me too, but also I’m bad at planning stuff, so I’ll hit you up soon.’ I think we’ll probably just marry each other and then call Guy and say, ‘You were here in spirit, babe.’

It sounds like the idea to have Guy Fieri officiate Stewart and Meyer’s wedding is fizzling out, which is kind of unfortunate because it would make for a great wedding story! When Kristen Stewart guested on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on Thursday, she shared that the engaged couple hadn’t decided on a wedding date yet, and were planning to “surprise” themselves instead. Getting a massive celebrity guest like Fieri clearly takes some planning, and these two sound like they are going for a more relaxed approached to getting hitched. 

Although it doesn’t sound like Guy Fieri is going to officiate their wedding after all, I love how she still wants to call the beloved food television icon up after it happens to tie him into the celebration. When Andy Cohen asked Stewart why she wanted Fieri part of her wedding to begin with, here’s what she said:  

We have a lot of similar fashion sense and hair. Also, I think he just seems like a really nice dude and he marries a lot of queer people. I think his sister is one of us. Yeah, I think he officiates a lot of them, so I heard that and I was like ‘Guy, my guy? Are you kidding me?’

You can check out K-Stew sharing her latest update on her wedding during her appearance on Andy Cohen’s talk show below: 

Back when the couple got engaged, Stewart shared some of her thoughts about how she wanted the wedding to go. The Twilight cast member said she really didn’t care about “flowers and shit like that,” and was planning on wearing her “best pair of Levi’s” and a “faux tuxedo T-shirt” rather than wear a flowing white dress. She added that she wants to get married in a place like Topanga and have a very “homey” chill wedding celebration. She thinks of it more as a “great excuse to get together and say ‘I love you’ in front of all your friends” rather than a stuffy celebration. 

Celebrity wedding officiant just doesn’t sound like what the couple is going for, but I absolutely am living for Kristen Stewart in her happily engaged era. The star’s latest project is a queer ghost hunting show that she produced called Living For The Dead. The series is streaming now with a Hulu subscription.  

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