‘Lords of the Fallen’ Hits One Million Sold in a Week Across PC and Consoles


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The long road to Early Access release for 3D Realms and Pet Project Games’ Ripout is finally over. The co-op sci-fi horror FPS is available now, and includes the majority of features, variety of enemies and cooperative gameplay that the team was aiming for leading up to Ripout‘s debut.

Per the press release, the devs plan on several content updates during the Early Access period that will include a variety of new features such as new enemies and weapons, new missions and more based on the feedback received by the community.

Ripout is set in the 22nd Century, when humanity has reached beyond Earth to conquer the solar system. An interplanetary revolution for humanity has begun, but has quickly turned disastrous. This new expansion was greeted with new threats, as Alien forces emerged and threatened this new golden age. Desperate to find a way to keep them at bay, humanity developed a cell that regenerated soldiers’ tissue at superhuman speeds. But the cell turned sentient, causing those soldiers to transform into gruesome and bloodthirsty mutants.

With humanity’s saviour now fast becoming their downfall, soldiers are deployed using the latest in biotech weaponry to deal with the mutants. You are one of those soldiers. You must use your trusty biomechanical Pet Gun to gain a tactical advantage over your enemies by ripping weaponry off them while exploring procedurally generated derelict spaceships, collecting loot, and customizing your character to survive whatever dangers lurk around the corner.

Ripout is available now in early access on PC via Steam for $24.99, including a 10% launch discount. The game is also in development for PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series.

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