Invasion Season 2 Episode 10 Review: Old Friends, New Frontiers


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Here’s hoping Invasion receives a third-season order from Apple TV+ because viewers were left with a cliffhanger.

Humanity made its long-awaited counterassault on the alien mother ship on Invasion Season 2 Episode 10.

Still, do two people, one being a teenager, qualify as a counterassault?

That will depend on whether Trevante can determine how to wield that shard most efficiently.

There’s also the question of Caspar’s abilities beyond transferring his consciousness to that ship. He’s got to be more than a celestial tour guide.

And making all of this possible was Mitzuki, who got pushed to her limits after visiting the mother ship on Invasion Season 2 Episode 9.

All her interaction with the alien portal had left Mitzuki, to use a technical term, more than a little scrambled.

She was holding things just slightly more together than that ward full of the scientists who had formerly interacted with the alien entity she later identified as a portal.

Mitzuki needed time to recover, but unfortunately, humanity couldn’t give that to her.

Mitzuki’s obsession had been to learn the alien language. Now, it wouldn’t stop running through her head.

So, it fell to Maya to protect Mitzuki as best she could under the circumstances.

Throughout Nikhil’s project, there appeared to be more to Maya and Mitzuki’s relationship than doctor and patient. Mitzuki didn’t seem to reciprocate Maya’s feelings, but she must have appreciated her ministrations.

Unlike recently, Mitzuki couldn’t draw on her memories to keep herself grounded.

It fell to Maya to use her memories of her time with Mitzuki to keep Mitzuki stable while she tried to keep the portal open to be used by soldiers. But that didn’t work, and three soldiers paid for that mistake.

It wasn’t until Mitzuki convinced Maya to let her go and let the alien consciousness overtake her that she could gain the needed control, ultimately allowing Trevante to go through.

Trevante had had himself a day up until that point.

After being released by Aneesha, he and Rose helped her search for her missing daughter, Sarah.

It was a horrific scene when the two of them and Clark came upon the catatonic residents, including Rose’s ex-husband Billy, who had been abducted by the aliens and then tested by the military.

Rose had finally found all those missing people she had told their loved ones she would bring home. Trevante had to be the one to explain to her that those loved ones would rather have hope than the reality of their current status.

They ultimately agreed to come back for them when they found a way to improve their condition.

Trevante heard Caspar’s voice and took off, eventually virtually reunited with the teen he had met in London months ago.

It was great to see those two reconnect, especially after Trevante’s heartfelt explanation about how Caspar’s notebook had brought him to Project Idabel.

General Mitchell and WDC President Benya shouldn’t have rejected Trevante’s offer to accompany Caspar, especially after Caspar vouched for him. After all, they needed Caspar, and Trevante already had successfully battled against the aliens.

Instead, they sent him away, although it was evident that that wouldn’t stand. Trevante would not give up on his campaign against the aliens, which had cost him his career and his remaining family.

Mitchell did come around, handing the shard to Trevante before he stepped into the portal. Trevante had only begun to figure out what it could do before he stumbled onto Caspar aboard the mother ship.

Caspar had to separate from Jamila and clear his mind before his consciousness returned to the mother ship. He didn’t need that distraction.

He was just as exhausted as Mitzuki but had little choice in the matter. Those two and Luke had abilities that few on Earth did and were needed as a result.

It’s easy to feel bad for Monty. He’s captivated by Jamila, but a relationship between them just isn’t meant to be.

Using Caspar’s drawing, he did get Jamila to see that fate was taking her and Caspar in two different directions, and she was needed there.

Her goodbye to Caspar was heartbreaking, giving him back his drawing of her only to have it drop from his hand when his consciousness left. That seemed like an end.

It was heartening that Clark convinced the military to join forces with the Movement against the aliens, which they should have been doing all along, rather than abducting and jailing civilians who wanted the same thing they did.

It was revealed that the other special children had been communicating with Luke all this time, and they helped him defeat the aliens protecting the portal.

How that was being accomplished wasn’t at all clear.

But a handful of psychically gifted humans isn’t going to be enough to turn the tide against the aliens.

No, Caspar and Trevante will have to cause significant damage on the mother ship, which appears to be some nesting area.

Also, Mitzuki is going to have to rally enough that they could get some reinforcements.

But first, Apple must come through with a third season so Caspar and Trevante aren’t stuck for eternity.

Is Mitzuki a goner?

What can Trevante and Caspar accomplish by themselves?

Do you want another season?

Comment below.

Dale McGarrigle is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow him on X.

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