Florence Pugh Loves Doing Accents In Movies, But There’s One Thing She Always Gets Called Out For On Set


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Florence Pugh really is an extremely talented actress whether her memorable frown makes you sad for her characters or you see her kicking ass as Yelena Belova in Black Widow. One important thing to know about the Oscar-nominated actress is she’s a master of accents. Despite her love and skill of dialects, there is one thing that she’s always called out for on set while using them.

At the beginning of her career, Florence Pugh spoke in her natural British dialect including in the sports biofilm that gave her international prominence, Fighting With My Family. Then she showed audiences her mastery of the American accents in movies like Midsommar and Little Women the latter of which resulted in her first Oscar nom. Then there’s the Russian accent she does as Yelena in the MCU. While speaking to PopSugar promoting A Good Person, for whom Pugh worked with then-boyfriend Zach Braff, the British actress spoke about one thing she frequently got called out for while using a different dialect.

I really love accents. I love doing accents. Funny enough when I’m acting, it’s really not that hard. But if I’m doing like a joke when I’m at dinner, I always screw it up. I think the only things that catch me off guard, or it’s not even me that notices it, like, Zach notices them, was it’d be certain phrases that an American wouldn’t say. He’d be like, ‘Well, no one would ever say shall in America.’ And I was like, ‘Oh, sorry!’ (laughs)

It’s true that if you’re going to play an everyday American as Florence Pugh did in the Zach Braff drama film, you do want to use vocabulary Americans use. The word “shall” is said in more posh, professional circumstances. But despite those occasional mistakes, I’ve got to say that the Don’t Worry Darling actress slays using the American accent. I never hear her British accent slip up when watching her best movies and TV shows, proving she knows exactly what she’s doing. 

Did you know that Florence Pugh’s American accent was so realistic to fans that they thought her British accent was fake? According to Independent, The Wonder actress spoke on the podcast Off Menu about how fans would troll her online for her “fake” British accent when they would hear her onstage presenting an award. Even when featured in Instagram Stories, the Oxford-born actress would receive comments from fans accusing her of “putting on an accent.” It must have been hilarious for her to correct them that the British accent she naturally uses is actually the one she was born with.

One movie of Florence Pugh’s that we have to look forward to soon is We Live in Time. Co-starring with fellow British actor Andrew Garfield, what we know about this romance movie so far is the plot follows a recent divorcee who meets and falls in love with a chef, only for a “difficult truth” to test their relationship. Nothing has been said if Pugh and Garfield will be using their natural British dialects, but I can only assume so since the Irish director of Brooklyn John Crowley will be behind the camera for this upcoming A24 movie. Plus, behind-the-scenes photos (via X formerly known as Twitter) showed the two actors filming a scene in a park in London. So, maybe that means we have a British romance film on our hands.

Florence Pugh is truly the master of accents. She just needs to watch herself when it comes to using British phrases you wouldn’t normally hear coming out of an American character’s mouth. Keep an eye out for We Live in Time with a possible premiere date making its way toward the 2024 movie schedule.

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