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Vinegar Syndrome’s 2023 Black Friday Pre-Order is now LIVE, and the sale is running from today (September 22) all the way through 11:59 PM EDT on Sunday, September 24.

In addition to the sales and discounted pre-orders, several brand new titles have been put up for grabs today, including The Prophecy 3-film trilogy on 4K Ultra HD!

Here’s everything that was announced today…

“Our latest VSU, D.A.R.Y.L., the 1985 cyborg/sci-fi Hollywood crossover film from Ozploitation director, Simon Wincer, and starring Mary Beth Hurt, Michael McKean, and Colleen Camp hits 4K UHD in an extras jammed edition, featuring an exclusive new restoration by Vinegar Syndrome!

“Then, upping the ante even further, we’re proud to present the 4K UHD debut of one of the bloodiest, boldest, and most unusual horror franchises of the 1990s, THE PROPHECY 1-3, including new and exclusive 4K restorations of Gregory Widen’s THE PROPHECY (1995), Greg Spence’s THE PROPHECY II (1998), and Patrick Lussier’s THE PROPHECY III (2000), all complete with plentiful extras and housed in a stunning, custom hard box.

“Plus, in our ongoing commitment to unearth and release the greatest in never-on-disc slashers, we’re proud to present the world Blu-ray debut of Michael Elliot’s notorious FATAL GAMES (1984)! You’ve heard for years that this one was “impossible,” well we’ve defied the odds and painstakingly restored it from the best surviving pre-print elements and proudly present the ultimate edition of this twisted gem, complete with an immense array of extras.

“And finally, what you’ve all been patiently waiting for since we first brought it up nearly a year ago, our most ambitious, audacious, unexpected, and important releases ever, and in honor of our tenth anniversary: Vinegar Syndrome’s LOST PICTURE SHOW; a ten-film collection of lost (and found) American genre cinema!

“From one of the earliest proto-slashers (THE LAS VEGAS STRANGLER) to perhaps the most demented “kids” film ever made (THE RARE BLUE APES OF CANNIBAL ISLE), and everything in between, be it grimy grindhouse treasures made by and for the dregs of Times Sq (BEWARE THE BLACK WIDOW), underground and arthouse sexploitation (DEEP INSIDE, BARBARA), unbelievably demented vanity projects (RED MIDNIGHT, THE LAST OF THE AMERICAN HOBOES), jaw-dropping 70s exploitation (VIOLATED!), a “most wanted” by many slice of demented horror/sleaze (THE SEX SERUM OF DR BLAKE; the original cut of Voodoo Heartbeat), and the final surviving work by one of our favorite auteurs, Carlos Tobalina (WHAT’S LOVE?), this collection features hours upon hours of trashy delights, all of which have been unseen and unavailable on video, until now!

“Plus, this collection includes Elijah Drenner’s new, feature-length documentary about lost genre films, AGAINST THE GRAIN, which tells the story of how genre and exploitation film distributors have taken on the incredible task of locating, preserving, and releasing an immense portion of cinema history.”

The following pre-order options are available now…

• Everything: VSU + all 5 November VS titles (3 announced and 2 secret)
• Individual listings for the 3 announced VS titles
• Just the new VSU
• Just the 2 Secret VS titles

Vinegar Syndrome teases, “And speaking of Secret Titles…what could they be? Well, one has never been on disc and we’re very confident it’ll satisfy a long standing request for many of you while the other is our most “major” surprise title ever, so much so that it woulda been a VSU candidate if not for all the slimy grotesquery and bloodshed…

“Finally, we want to remind you that if you’re planning to pick up our Black Friday lineup, this Pre-Order is the best time to do it, as this weekend only, prices on these titles will be notably lower than during the big Black Friday Sale itself.”

Head on over to www.VinegarSyndrome.com right now and add these to your collection!

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