Rogue Legacy 2’s Final Content Update Is Now Live On Switch, Here Are The Full Patch Notes


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After releasing on PC earlier this month, Cellar Door Games has now announced that Rogue Legacy 2‘s meaty ‘Swan Song’ update has now made its way over to Switch.

As the name suggests, this is the final content update that will be coming to the game and, we must admit, it’s a pretty good one to go out on. There are a boatload of new additions that have come to the game as a part of this update including three new game modes, a collection of new fabled weapons, the addition of special ‘Dreams’ challenges, and much more.

Many of these additions were demonstrated in the above trailer and the full patch notes were published over on the official Rogue Legacy 2 site. We have collected them together below to mark the update’s Switch debut. Be warned, it’s a pretty long one…

Rogue Legacy 2, ver.1.2.0 – ‘Swan Song’ Update (released 24th May 2023)


We’ve added three new Special Game Modes for players who have done everything there is to do but are still hankering for more. They are designed to strain even the most veteran players, so it’s highly recommended that you beat the game at least once before attempting these challenges. Each mode has special conditions to earn a silver or gold trophy and tracks your best times, so there’s always reason to give them another shot.

True Rogue
For the first Special Game Mode we wanted to see what happened if Rogue Legacy played more like a traditional roguelike. Things go a bit crazy as True Rogue gives players a single attempt to conquer the Kingdom with a random Contrarian Class. Rather than the familiar world, you now start in a random biome, and with each boss beaten you teleport to a new random biome with the option to choose a new Contrarian Class. Not every biome has to be completed though, and they are now smaller while holding more Relic rooms and Curio Shoppes. This keeps the runs short and sweet, and are designed as a single-sitting affair (though you can quit and take a breather at any time). And finally, to keep resources relevant, all gold, Ore, and Aether collected earns you valuable Resolve instead.

We’re bringing back an oldie but a goody with Thanatophobia. Originally the hardest achievement in the first Rogue Legacy, in this official game mode you are given only 15 lives to complete the game. Once you’re out of lives your save file is deleted. To make things really spicy, you are allowed to play each Class only once, so if your favourite Class perishes, you’ll have to make due with whomever is left.

By our own admission Rogue Legacy 2 is a fair bit easier than RL1, so to keep some of the challenge the original offered we’re sequelizing Thanatophobia. For Thana-two-phobia the rules are the same, except enemy and boss Burdens are applied, meaning more challenging biomes and much more challenging boss fights. We’re not totally masochistic though, so to give players a fighting chance all Fabled Weapons are unlocked.


New Fabled Weapons

  • Royal Vikings. Call upon the power of Odin himself and crush your foes with the mighty ancient hammer, Mjolnir. Toss it at unsuspecting victims, fry them with relentless lightning, then call the hammer back and do it all over again.
  • Serpentine Shapeshifters. Don’t be fooled by the innocent looking hand puppet. Within it resides the spirit of a dragon, and with it the skies are your domain. Destroy your opponents by attacking from all directions, then hold a puppet show detailing your epic exploits afterward.
  • Sick Surfers. Surf’s up! Take out your gnarly surfboard, build up some speed, and smash the faces of your foes. Not only do these wave breakers pack a punch, but they can glide past some hazards with absolute ease.

Blasting Wand (Redesigned)
While we were big fans of the wand, the learning curve was too steep for one of the starting classes. The weapon’s been redesigned to make it a little easier to handle, and also play a bit more like an archetypal wand.

  • (Buff) Projectile range of the wand has been increased by about 33%.
  • (Buff) Projectile size has been increased by 50%.
  • (Buff) Projectile now explodes on the first enemy it hits. This will make it easier to push enemies back, giving the Mage space to sling spells.
  • (Buff) Charged Status Effect duration raised from 3 to 5 seconds.
  • (Nerf) Explosion damage down slightly.
  • (Removed) Explosion indicator removed to clean up UI.

Shield (Tweak)

  • Relics that reset (or break) on hit now reset if the player blocks with the Shield unless the block is a perfect block.

Frying Pan (Buff)
Buffs to make characters who aren’t a Chef deal more damage if they get the Frying Pan.

  • (Buff) Charged Status Effect duration raised from 3 to 5 seconds.
  • (Buff) Damage increased from 150% to 165%.
  • (Buff) Mana Regen increased from 15 Mana per hit to 20.

Stew (Buff)
Buffs to the Chef to help better match the new Health changes (explained later the patch notes).

  • Healing increased from 200% to 225%.
  • Mana Regen raised from 100 to 150.

Crow Storm (Redesign)

  • Now grants Flight.
  • Range reduced significantly.
  • No longer applies knockback.
  • Damage reduced from 110% to 85%.
  • Now will always fire 2 crows minimum, technically doubling damage on single targets. This damage is unreliable due to its movement arc pattern, making it not as useful against basic enemies but still effective on bosses.
  • Crow Storm now changes its rate of fire when the player has Heavy Stone Bargain, as opposed to triggering a cooldown (like the Pistol).

Bard – Lute (Mega Buff)
We have the technology!

  • Notes now update dynamically based on the INT from Dance Stacks. This means you can keep Spin Kicking your Notes and gaining that sweet sweet damage bonus.

Spin Kick (Buff)

  • Community: Rewrote Critical Damage calculations for Spin Kicks so that they now behave the same way as every other damage source. This should overall result in Spin Kick Critical Strikes dealing more damage.
  • Spin Kicking while dashing now triggers a Critical Strike.


Final Boss Relic Rooms
We’ve added three Relic rooms right before the final boss, to give your hero one more chance to turn the tides.

  • Three Relic rooms appear before starting the fight with the final boss.


Three new special challenges known as Dreams have been added to Erebus. Unlike regular Scar Challenges, Dreams aren’t tied to achievements, but they’ll still give you a nice burst of additional Soul Stones. All Dreams can be discovered in NG+1 and higher.

  • Boogie Nights: A new Dream has been hidden within the Kingdom.
  • Dragon Flight: A new Dream has been hidden within the Kingdom.
  • Training Daze: A new Dream has been hidden within the Kingdom.


Mammon’s Bounty
We only added this because we were able to implement skipping of the Relic animation.

  • A sequence of animations now plays for all the random Relics obtained with Mammon’s Bounty.

Lachesis’ Measure (Redesigned)
This Relic has been problematic for a while due to its scaling off of Max HP. There were multiple ways for players to exploit this, such as stacking Healing Trees or Gnawed bones. It has been redesigned to make it much more consistent, while also buffing INT builds.

• HP gained per Critical Kill is now based off INT (50% scaling) instead of Max HP.

Transmogrifier (Tweak)

  • Max cap raised from 5 to 99.

Hermes’ Boots (Tweak)

  • A new sparkle effect plays near the player’s feet if they have this Relic.

Arcane Necklace (Nerf)
While it was fun to let people cast infinite spells with a maxed out Arcane Necklace, it was only meant to be an ultra-late game exploit. With the influx of Relics available in True Rogue mode, this became the de-facto way to beat it, and we didn’t want players always chasing this one Relic.

  • Max cap reduced from 4 to 3.

Incandescent Telescope (Tweak)
This used to be a Cursed Relic before we changed its functionality and we forgot to tweak all the proper settings. Whoops!

  • Range is now checked from the player to the point of damage, rather than the midpoint of the enemy. Fixes issues where very large enemies (like the Skeleton Boss) would always trigger the Relic’s damage bonus due to their size.
  • Community: Can now appear as an Antique.

Star Sling (Redesigned)
Making this easier to play with by making it a little more automated.

  • Now casts 2 Star Bolts per Relic.
  • Can no longer be aimed. Instead fires in a pattern that changes as you collect more Star Slings.

Tattered Rope (Rebalance)
Hazard damage would multiply if you had other Relics (like Serrated Handles Bargain). It is now additive, so getting multiple damage stacking effects won’t be as large a leap in life destruction.

  • (Community) Increased Hazard damage is now additive rather than multiplicative with other damage increasing Relics.
  • Damage taken increased from 150% to 160%.


The list keeps on growing…

  • Gods of Thunder – A new sub-Class can now be unlocked in the Soul Shop.
  • Draconic Puppeteers – A new sub-Class can now be unlocked in the Soul Shop.
  • Surfer – A new sub-Class can now be unlocked in the Soul Shop.
  • Cosmic Overload (Raised Cap) – The cap for certain Soul Shop unlocks has been increased. This is just a little something to help the DEEP NG+ players ( > NG80+).


We’ve gone and rebalanced a ton of Spells to ensure that Focus and INT based builds don’t taper off during the end-game.

Windwall (Buff)

  • Damage increased from 100% to 150%.
  • Now Skill Crits after blocking a projectile.

Freeze Strike (Buff)

  • Freeze Duration increased from 3 seconds to 5.
  • Boss freeze reduction reduced from 85% to 60% (this coupled with the extended freeze makes it much longer).
  • Damage increased from 150% to 200%.
  • Range increased by ~15%.
  • Now Skill Crits if the enemy is close enough.

Fungal Spread (Buff)

  • Damage increased from 50% to 60% per spore.
  • Hitbox increased to make it easier to hit far away units.
  • Now Skill Crits if it hits enemies far away.

Spore Burst (Buff)
This is technically a Status Effect, but felt like it belonged here.

  • Explosion now destroys Cursed projectiles and Ice Crystal hazards.

Shield of Thorns (Buff)

  • Damage increased from 100% to 150%.
  • Now Skill Crits after blocking a projectile.

Shockwave (Buff)

  • Damage increased from 250% to 275%.
  • Now Skill Crits targets close to the centre.

Blaze Bellows (Buff)

  • Damage increased from 100% to 120%.
  • Increased knockback.

Flame Barrier (Redesign – Buff)
Redesigned to make it more reliable and to allow for an easier Skill Crit.

  • Flames increased from 6 to 8.
  • Skill Crit trigger delay reduced from 5 seconds to 1.5 seconds.
  • Increased knockback.
  • Damage decreased from 60% INT scaling to 35% INT scaling. This is still a HUGE net damage increase due to the rates the flames hit and the Skill Crit changes.


Pushing to make INT the primary form of Health Regen, while also making the early game slightly easier.

  • Meat HP restoration increased from 200% of INT to 225%.
  • Pizza now restores 225% of INT and 15% of max HP (from 200% INT and 20% of max HP).

Healing Tree

  • Fixed a longstanding issue where Healing Trees stunk if you didn’t have a high INT. Will now always be better than pizza.
  • Now restores 500% of INT and 15% of Max HP if you consume the Nectar (up from 500% of INT and 0% of Max HP).


Kerguelen Plateau Biome Burden Redesign
This was the least popular Burden, so we’ve wanted to improve it for a while.

  • Burden of Kerguelen’s Sorrow is now Burden of Kerguelen’s Frost.
  • (Removed) Removed Frozen Nightmares.
  • (New) Added Cold Snaps.

Sun Tower Burden Tweak

  • Nightmare Lancers come in larger packs.
  • Nightmare Lancers are faster and can track the player better.


Two new Commander Buffs have been added to the game, and one has been redesigned.

Resonant (New)

  • A new Commander Buff can now appear in the Kingdom after the player finds Echo’s Boots.

Void Touched (New)

  • A new Commander Buff can now appear in the Kingdom after the player finds Pallas’ Void Bell.

Fury (Redesigned)
Originally designed to be strong against attacks that dealt low damage but triggered often. It didn’t work well, so now it just turns enemies into hyper aggressive glass cannons.

  • No longer gains stacks of Fury.
  • Enemies are now ALWAYS 50% faster and 60% more aggressive.
  • Removed damage reduction bonuses.

Explosive (Tweak)

  • Changed the Explosive Commander Buff progress bar to show their cooldown instead of when they’re going to attack.

Commander Estuaries
Estuaries with Commander Buffs can now appear in True Rogue. They use a custom version of Commander Buffs to better match the encounter.

  • Massive (Estuary). Slightly smaller, less damage, and less HP bonus.
  • Blocker. Removed.
  • Shield Banner. Removed.
  • Cursed. Fires 2 projectiles instead of 1, but less frequently.
  • Explosive. Longer delay between explosions.
  • Shredder. Removed.
  • Flamer. Fires 3 projectiles instead of 2 with a wider spray, but less frequently.
  • Vengeful. Invincibility duration increased DRAMATICALLY.
  • Fury. Removed.
  • Resonant. More projectiles, longer delay. Projectiles do not move.
  • Void Touched. Larger projectile, longer delay.



  • Community: Changed the behaviour so that eating a mushroom and taking damage now cycles you from large to normal to small and vice versa, regardless of whether you start with a Trait that makes you big or small.
  • Community: Trait now retains your character size even after exiting the game.


  • Now that Spin Kicking while dashing triggers a Critical Strike, regular Spin Kicks no longer deal damage to enemies if you have this Trait.

Superfluid (Keyboard Only)
Making controls match closer to controller.

  • Community: You now dash in the direction of your movement, not where the mouse is pointing. This limits your motion down to 8 directions, but should make it easier to perform in the heat of the moment.

True Rogue (New)

  • Available only in True Rogue Mode.
  • Ore and Aether is now converted into gold. After reaching certain gold milestones, you will be rewarded with bonus Resolve.
  • Boss chests reward a bonus Transmogrifier Relic.


Nightmares (Nerf)
Making them a little less difficult, which in turn also makes Naamah a touch easier.

  • Wakeup delay increased from 9s to 10s.

Ice Crystals (Nerf)
A little more time to think.

  • Regrowth delay increased from 2.75s to 3s.

Frozen Nightmares

  • Removed from the game.


New sets for returning players.

White Wood (New)

  • A new FOCUS oriented equipment set can now be found.

Black Root (New)

  • A new DEXTERITY oriented equipment set can now be found.

Kin (QoL)

  • Minor issue where Kin was giving you 1.5 Retaliation Runes instead of 2 (it was always rounding up though, so nothing has changed).


Reveal All Relics and Abilities
Enabling this House Rule will immediately make all the descriptions for previously unseen Relics, Weapons, Talents, and Spells visible to the player. Note that this feature does not permanently reveal hidden items, and is only active as long as its House Rule is enabled. Disabling this rule will revert unseen items back to their hidden state (items seen while this rule is active will still be considered seen and will not be hidden).


Weapon Curio Shoppe
Now that we have the complete set of Fabled Weapons and basic Weapons, we’re removing the odds modifier.

  • Removed the 2x chance for Fabled Weapons to appear in the Curio Shoppe.

Cave Journal Entries (Missing)

  • Added a Cave journal entry that we forgot to link up. Oops! If you’ve found all the Cave Journal entries already, this one will automatically be marked as discovered for you.


  • Added a memorial.
  • Community: The animation that plays when obtaining a special item such as a Relic, Blueprint, new Ability, or Empathy, can now be skipped.
  • Improved performance of the player death tally sequence.
  • Improved a number of cape animations.
  • Community: Main menu no longer constrains mouse cursor.
  • Community: Zoom level of the map in the Pause menu is now preserved until a new map is loaded.
  • Shrunk the size of the trigger box for Boss Chests.
  • Added DualShock 4 and DualSense lightbar support. The gamepad will light up different colors depending on the character’s Class and Traits.
  • Added a small gamepad rumble when the Bow or Ballista enter their crit window.
  • Entering a Journal room when all the journals are already read now immediately marks the room as complete rather than requiring the player to read the journal first.
  • Failing a Challenge now restarts the Challenge rather than returning you to the Drift House.

Auto Save Disclaimer
Sometimes it’s difficult to know when you can take a break from a game without losing progress. This is especially poignant with roguelikes, where quitting can cause you to forfeit an entire run. We want to reassure uncertain players that it is safe to quit at any time in Rogue Legacy 2, and have replaced the old disclaimer with a new one to explain this.

  • (Removed) Best on Controller: A lot of effort was put into making RL2 play as smoothly as possible on a keyboard and mouse, so we thought it was time to sunset the old disclaimer that recommended using a controller.
  • (New) Tea Time: Replaced the old disclaimer with a new one explaining how auto-saving works.

Cutscene Skip++
In the previous update we let folks skip the end-game cutscene. Now they can skip the entire ending sequence in the Pause menu.

  • The entire end-game sequence can be skipped in the Pause menu after defeating the final boss if you already possess Gilgamesh’s Anchor.


  • Fixed bug where the player would not turn around when moving slowly enough in the opposite direction while flying.
  • Fixed bug where holding Up while attacking with a joystick would sometimes cause the player to turn.
  • Fixed bug where casting any ability that made the player invincible while Cloak of Eventide was active would disable their invincibility.
  • Fixed bug where casting Crow Storm after defeating the final boss would cause crows to fly towards a specific spot in the ground.
  • Fixed bug where casting Crow Storm after defeating Enoch would spoil the surprise.
  • Fixed bug where the Mimic Chest’s running SFX would keep playing during its death animation.
  • Fixed regression bug where player could occasionally slip through slopes when playing at low FPS.
  • Fixed bug where you could exit the ending closet if you entered the door on the same frame that Maria started speaking.
  • Fixed bug where modifier values on Relics would sometimes show more than 2 decimals.
  • Fixed bug where Star Sling would always fire to the right when triggered via Lucent Beam if no direction was pressed, regardless of the direction you were facing.
  • Fixed bug where the lighting on characters in the Lineage screen would no longer apply properly if you swapped their weapons.
  • Fixed regression bug where the sparkle effect when switching weapons in the Lineage screen was not playing.
  • Fixed various minor issues with some rooms.
  • Fixed bug where the Feathered Cap Relic was triggering every time you activated the Block Talent, regardless of whether you actually blocked something.
  • Fixed bug where dash-canceling some abilities right after they are executed would not apply Feathered Cap’s Charged effect (like Immortal Kotetsu and Knockout Punch).
  • Bosses now break out of the Freeze status effect when triggering their mode shifts, addressing an exploit where players with enough Mana (or certain Relics) could continually freeze the boss until it died, causing the mode shift to never execute.
  • Fixed bug where entering a boss room and refreshing your Mana would give you more Mana than intended if you had the Limitless Trait.
  • Fixed a number of text and localization issues.
  • Fixed bug where enemies with full HP would sometimes take one extra hit before dying to hazards.
  • Fixed issue where mouse cursor constraint logic would kick in only after the game was paused at least once.
  • Fixed bug where the icon that appears when damage is dealt was not appearing correctly for Heron’s Ring or Raven’s Ring if the damage source was a Status Effect like Burn or Poison.
  • Fixed potential bug with line reading in the Localization Manager.
  • Fixed rare potential soft crash when throwing the Spoon.
  • Fixed bug where if the player was knocked upward when casting the Mana Bomb while standing on the ground, they would remain in their idle standing animation state while in the air.
  • Fixed rare bug where if you triggered a Fairy chest on the same frame it dissolved, you could no longer interact with objects like Chests, Teleporters, etc.
  • Fixed bug where Pizza Girl’s Synesthesia color trail would not follow her properly when jumping onto the boat at the Docks.
  • Fixed bug where the player’s Synesthesia color trail would be visible before they finished teleporting into the Tutorial level when starting a new Thread.
  • Attempted fix of bug where player’s Synesthesia color trail would sometimes start incorrectly positioned at the Docks.
  • Added a spotlight to Healing rooms, Relic rooms, and the Curio Shoppe to address issue where the Diva darkness effect was hiding the text.
  • Fixed bug where exiting a Scar while an enemy was being summoned would sometimes cause an enemy in the Castle to become invisible and no longer detect collisions.
  • Fixed bug where killing a Doomvas with the Kotetsu Talent would cause the camera to follow the player at a distance.
  • Fixed bug where if you retired with the Cloak of Eventide active, your character would have red eyes on the Death screen.
  • Fixed bug where tutorial text boxes were not being sorted correctly, resulting in them appearing behind objects like Nightmare auras.
  • Fixed bug where the Barbarian’s ground Axe attack would get stuck if you activated House Rules Flight mid-animation.
  • Fixed bug where Will’os were sometimes rendered with a transparent black rectangle.
  • Fixed bug where docking/undocking on Switch while paused resulted in graphical corruption.
  • Fixed bug where Slugs were creating too many slime projectiles, resulting in lag, especially on Switch.
  • Fixed bug where entering certain transition zones while flying (like the stairs from the Docks to the Skill Tree) would cause your character to either ignore non-movement inputs or constantly face left.
  • Fixed bug where the art for one-way platforms was sometimes not being applied correctly in Heirloom rooms.
  • Fixed bug where not all Shotgun pellets were awarding Mana on hit.
  • Fixed bug where collecting Future Successor’s Bargain right before Cloak of Eventide triggered would make your player survive the curse.
  • Fixed bug where the Manor was appearing on the wrong layer when visiting the abandoned Docks.
  • Fixed bug where player could take damage in the final boss room after defeating the boss and the door appears.
  • Fixed bug where Gravity Well was sometimes dealing 4 ticks of damage instead of 5.
  • Fixed bug where expert Spear Maidens were so tall they threw their javelins over the player’s head.
  • Fixed bug where the dash silhouette effect was getting culled and not playing correctly if your character was just outside the room bounds.
  • Fixed bug where Suave bonus damage was not applying to attacks that spawned additional projectiles like the Enkindled Gauntlets.
  • Chef Class Burn passive now stacks with attacks that naturally cause Burn.
  • Fixed localPosition = {NaN, NaN} soft crash on Status Effect icons when applying a Status Effect to an enemy on the same frame it is killed.
  • Fixed soft crash bug where tunnels inside tunnels were still trying to generate destinations even if their spawn controllers were marked not to spawn them.
  • Fixed bug where Relics that counted downward did not display the correct text colour in the Relic HUD.
  • Fixed bug where the grace period for Breakable Spikes that prevented damage to the player when entering a room was not working correctly if the spikes were being instantiated for the first time.
  • Fixed bug where rapidly hitting left then right when navigating some menu options would cause the indicator to move left twice instead.
  • Critical strike backing art is now always positioned behind the number, regardless of how many bonus damage source icons appear.
  • Fixed bug where the Cannon weapon would immediately swing again if you held the button and something interrupted the attack.
  • Fixed bug where Puritan Trait was not being resolved with Nerdy Glasses.
  • Fixed bug where if the Traitor created Dash Void walls too quickly, it would cause the warning animation and void wall spawn interval to get messed up.
  • Fixed bug where the Traitor would sometimes get stuck in a jumping animation after tele-slicing.
  • Fixed bug where the Traitor dash effects were not facing the correct direction when cast.
  • Fixed bug where Dance stacks were not applying when kicking off of Zyorbs.
  • Changed Dance stack damage mod to no longer apply upon projectile cast, but instead on enemy damage calculation, to fix a variety of edge-case scenarios where stacks would apply or not apply.
  • Fixed bug where Fireball enemies would still drop fireball projectiles while frozen.
  • Fixed bug where the roots in the Parade would sometimes flicker in.
  • Fixed bug where the portrait animation during the Death screen could desync with the Lineage screen depending on the frame rate.
  • Fixed bug where the Aerodynamic visual effect did not persist across room transitions.
  • Fixed culling bug causing certain 1×3 and 3×2 rooms to flicker when entering.
  • Fixed bug where the Snow Torch prop would sometimes float in mid-air.
  • Fixed various bugs where enemies in the Parade were looping their animations incorrectly.
  • Fixed bug where Defentry and Entry Preventry enemies were not animating in the Parade.
  • Fixed bug where chest sparkles were not playing on the correct visual layer.
  • Fixed bug where water/clouds in Scars would still teleport you even if you were dead.
  • Fixed flickering in the menu when moving from a journal category with a scroll bar to one that had no scroll bar.

Annnd, breathe. Pretty big one, huh?

What are you pleased to see in this update? Venture down to the comments and let us know.

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