The whimsical narrative deduction of Lil’ Guardsman is confirmed for PC and console


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Later this year we’ll see the release of Lil’ Guardsman to the world – as the whimsical narrative deduction game launches on PC and console. 

Coming to Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC later in 2023, Lil’ Guardsman is the creation of Hilltop Studios, a development team who have started collaboration with Versus Evil in hope of delivering an intriguing narrative adventure to the gaming masses. 

Inspired by the classics of the point-and-click genre whilst mixing in some mechanics from the likes of Paper, Please, Lil’ Guardsman  promises much. It will be set in a fantasy world, one that pings the highs of Monkey Island comedy, as you take on the role of Lil, a young girl who finds herself – somehow – standing in for her father as the head castle guardsman. 

It’ll be up to you to help Lil interrogate a range of characters as they attempt to gain entry to YOUR castle walls. What this means is you’ll need to work through a host of dialogue options and toolbox tips to try and understand the true intentions of these visitors. 

A host of gadgets and tools will be at Lil’s disposal, cypher-cracking Decoder Ring, the transparently named Truth Spray, or the all-seeing X-RAY machine. If all else fails you can resort to the trusty Bullwhip. But remember, every action will have a consequence – some of which will be extremely severe. 

We’ll keep you looped as to the launch of Lil’ Guardsman on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC later this year. For now though you can get watching the trailer below – we’re sure it’ll give further insight into how this narrative deducer will play out. 

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