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Recently NECA has revealed some new horror products with the recent reveals of the Dog Thing from The Thing, The Nun Ultimate Valak figure, and Toony Terror Jigsaw with Billy. They revealed the Dog Thing along with the Ultimate Feral Predator. Also, I should add that they are re-releasing the Gremlins II Bat Gremlin and Aliens Alien Queen as well.

When I first saw the new images of the Dog Thing it looked absolutely disgusting and gruesome and I have a hard time watching that scene as it’s so distressing. I’m impressed that it comes with all the parts of the transformation and they all look suitably grisly. It’s rather expensive though costing £75 here in the UK.

Then just this week NECA revealed the Ultimate Valak figure from The Nun, it’s always nice to see NECA do new Ultimate Horror figures in their Ultimate line as I really love them! I know that NECA has done a number of figures from The Conjuring franchise and the latest addition is The Nun Valak figure from The Conjuring sequel and the prequel film. I’m not too hot on the Conjuring franchise but it’s nice to see other modern horror icons outside of Pennywise.

She does come with a number of accessories and I am very happy she comes with her portrait which is the most important accessory. The amulet/orb that she comes with looks great as well. With Valak having all soft goods, I wonder if we’ll see a certain Mistress of The Dark getting the Ultimate treatment as well…

Finally, they revealed Toony Terrors Jigsaw which I believe they first teased last October. I’m not really into Toony Terrors line but I cannot deny how great Jigsaw looks. The figure looks very stylish and I am very impressed with all the accessories, including an interchangeable head which I think is a first for the line. I think they have also teased an Ultimate Jigsaw figure as well but we have not seen that yet. All of these figures will be released in time for Halloween this year.

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