Marvel Snap praised for restoring growth in the Collectable card games genre


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Marvel Snap received heavy praise during a GDC titled “The Year in Free-to-Play” where Visible Entertainment founder Dave Rohri stated it had restored growth in the CCG genre.

The talk, which has been a mainstay for numerous years now, points to important lessons and developments in the last 12 months within the video game industry. Marvel Snap was held high as a great example of the ample space for innovation and room for growth in the CCG space.

You can watch the Marvel Snap gameplay trailer here!

According to their own personal analysis, Marvel Snap is making $300,000 a day, even with limited microtransactions compared to other titled on the mobile market.

As to why the game has been so successful, Rohri pointed to several factors. These include the 12 card decks that makes it easier to build and conceptualise decks, innovation in card lanes that modify the battlefield, capping games at six turns, and a progressions system that naturally led to better deck variety.

They also were sure to note: “It would be a mistake to attribute its success just to the team’s innovations” before pointing to the experience of several former Hearthstone staff who moved over to Second Dinner Studios to create the title, as well as the Marvel IP which immediately brought in interest from fans.

As for lessons devs can learn from the success of Marvel Snap, Rohri pointed to the ample space to innovate in the video game market. They also emphasised that devs don’t necessarily need to monetize heavily: “If your game is strong and your fans are engaged, you can take a lighter touch then you might think”.

Marvel Snap had previously received awards at The Game Awards, as well as the DICE awards. If Rohri is correct regarding their own financial analysis, it seems Brode and co’s solo venture into the world of collectable card games has gone quite well.

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